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We Really Love Books, Arghh!

We are a small bookstore with a passion for knowledge and sustainability (and pirate lingo).

We Do Some Cool Things

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We donate 7% of all profits to The Ocean Cleanup. Learn more about that and our other climate initiatives.
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Our Purpose

We exist to help illuminate minds and cultivate the creative spirit while preserving our invaluable natural environment, fostering a more enlightened, enjoyable, and sustainable world.
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Our Story

Founded by George Black & Henry Barhe in 1733*

Ahoy there, ye seekers of wisdom and curiosity! Grab a chair, if you will, and sit ye down for a tale as old as the venerable oak. Our company, Black & Barhe, was “lifted onto its keel,” that's pirate talk for founded, in the golden age of 1733, by two reliable sea traders, George Black and Henry Barhe - not so average gents as they basked in the mystique of the sailing merchant life...
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*For legal reasons, we have to state that this is just a fictitious story for dramatic effect (we think it's a fun story, though). We were actually founded in 2023 by a non-pirate who loves books.