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We are Trying to Help Reduce Waste One Book at a Time.

Send us Your Books and Get up to 15% off Your Next Order.

How to Participate

Send us Your Used Books

We love books from all corners of the earth in all conditions. Drop off your dust-collecting books at our store or ship them to our warehouse.

Receive a Coupon Code

Depending on how many books you send us, we will send you a digital coupon to use on any of the products in our bookstore.

Continue the Cycle

We encourage you to keep sending us books you no longer want so we can continue their lifespan without creating more unecessary waste.

1 Book = 5% Off Coupon

Send us 1 book and receive a 5% off coupon to use on a future order.

2 Books = 10% Off Coupon

Send us 2 books and receive a 10% off coupon to use on a future order.

3+ Books = 15% Off Coupon

Send us 3 or more books and receive a 15% off coupon to use on a future order.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to take part in our used book return program, kindly send us an email at info@blackandbarhe.com indicating which books you would like to send. We will then provide you with a shipping label. If you are in the Northern Colorado area, we can make arrangements for a drop-off or pick-up. Once we have received your books, we will send you a digital coupon via email that you can use toward any future order on our website.
We will generate coupon codes for you based on the number of books you send. Sending one book will earn you a 5% discount coupon while sending two books will earn you a 10% discount coupon. If you send three or more books, you will receive a 15% discount coupon.
No, you don't have to worry about shipping costs when sending us your used books. We'll cover the expenses. Your only responsibility is to make sure they're properly packaged and ready to be shipped.
We gladly accept books in any condition, as long as they are not falling apart. However, in the case of books that are in extremely poor condition, such as those with torn or missing pages, or destroyed covers, we recommend recycling them with your local recycling plant.
Please note that we do not offer direct payment for your books. If you choose to send them to us, please understand that you will not receive any monetary compensation. However, we will provide you with a digital coupon that can be used for future purchases at our store.