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Robert Langdon Series

Immerse yourself into the captivating world of the Robert Langdon series, authored by the masterful Dan Brown. This thrilling collection of novels follows the riveting expeditions of Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon. Elegantly combining art, history, codes, and symbols, these books will take you on an unprecedented journey of suspense, mystery, and intellectual intrigue.

Exploring the blurred lines between history and myth, religion and science, past and future, Langdon finds himself in the midst of global conspiracies and threats that could change the course of mankind. From the grand, ornate architecture of the Louvre to the heart of Vatican City; the mystical Masonic secrets in Washington, D.C., to the world of Dante's Inferno in Florence, the Robert Langdon series takes readers on an electrifying global adventure.

Whether you're solving intricate puzzles alongside Langdon in "The Da Vinci Code," racing against time in "Angels & Demons," unearthing ancient mysteries in "The Lost Symbol," embarking on a high stakes quest in "Inferno," or tackling the collision of two worlds in "Origin" - this series is an exploration of the dangerous intersections of mankind's most enduring symbols and secrets.

The Robert Langdon series excels at combining high-stakes conspiracy, gripping intellectual puzzles, and historical depth in a breathtaking exploration of mankind's greatest questions. Prepare for a globally-spanning odyssey that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last. Immerse yourself in an ingenious world where nothing is as it seems, and every conspiracy could hold the key to our past... or our future.

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