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Alex Cross Must Die: A Thriller

Alex Cross Must Die: A Thriller

(Book #30 in the Alex Cross series)


Book Overview: Alex Cross Must Die: A Thriller

"One of the greatest fictional detectives of all time" (Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child) is in the sights of the Dead Hours Killer, a serial murderer on a ruthless mission.

An airport killer targeting pilots expands his scope. Alex Cross Must Die.

"Drop whatever you're doing, Detective Cross, and head to Reagan Airport," DC Metro Police dispatch says. "A jet just crashed and exploded on the runway. The chief and the FBI want you and John Sampson there pronto."

Cross and Sampson race to the crash site. The plane didn't fail--it was shot down by a stolen Vietnam War-era machine gun.

The list of experts who can operate the weapon is short. And time before another lethal strike runs even shorter. Especially for Detective Cross.

Alex Cross Must Die.

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PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
Publication Date2023-11-20
Dimensionsin x in x in
Weight lbs
James Patterson is a prolific American author, recognized for his suspenseful, engaging fiction. Born on March 22, 1947, he has written over 200 books, including the popular Alex Cross series and Women's Murder Club series. 14 of his books have consecutively topped the New York Times Best Sellers list. In addition to crime thrillers, Patterson has also penned romance novels and children's books. He has won numerous awards, including the Literarian Award from the National Book Foundation. Patterson's books have sold over 375 million copies worldwide and have been adapted into films and TV series. He is also a philanthropist committed to promoting literacy and education.


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