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Classic Krakauer: Essays on Wilderness and Risk

Classic Krakauer: Essays on Wilderness and Risk


Book Overview: Classic Krakauer: Essays on Wilderness and Risk

Spanning an extraordinary range of subjects and locations, these ten gripping essays show why Jon Krakauer is considered a standard-bearer of modern journalism.

His pieces take us from a horrifying avalanche on Mount Everest to a volcano poised to obliterate a big chunk of Seattle; from a wilderness teen-therapy program run by apparent sadists to an otherworldly cave in New Mexico, studied by NASA to better understand Mars; from the notebook of one Fred Beckey, who catalogued the greatest unclimbed mountaineering routes on the planet, to the last days of legendary surfer Mark Foo.

Bringing together work originally published in such magazines as The New Yorker, Outside, and Smithsonian--all rigorously researched, vividly written, and marked by an unerring instinct for storytelling and scoop-- Classic Krakauer powerfully demonstrates the author's ambivalent love affair with unruly landscapes and his relentless search for truth.

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Publication Date2019
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Jon Krakauer
Jon Krakauer is an acclaimed American writer and mountaineer, renowned for his works of adventure and exploration. Born in 1954 in Massachusetts, Krakauer's passion for climbing developed from an early age, which later greatly influenced his writing. As a highly skilled mountaineer, he has embarked on numerous dangerous expeditions, including an ill-fated climb of Mount Everest in 1996, which he chronicled in his bestselling book "Into Thin Air." His other well-known works include "Into the Wild" and "Under the Banner of Heaven," both observing the extremes of human nature. A meticulous researcher and compelling storyteller, Krakauer's works often delve into the psychological motives of his subjects. His writing has earned him numerous awards such as the National Magazine Award for Reporting and the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award.


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