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Swann's Way

Swann's Way

(Book #1 in the In Search of Lost Time series)


Book Overview: Swann's Way

The first volume of one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century, in Lydia Davis's award-winning translation

Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time is one of the most entertaining reading experiences in any language and arguably the finest novel of the twentieth century. But since its original prewar translation there has been no completely new version in English. Now, Penguin Classics brings Proust's masterpiece to new audiences throughout the world, beginning with Lydia Davis's internationally acclaimed translation of the first volume, Swann's Way.

Swann's Way is one of the preeminent novels of childhood: a sensitive boy's impressions of his family and neighbors, all brought dazzlingly back to life years later by the taste of a madeleine. It also enfolds the short novel "Swann in Love," an incomparable study of sexual jealousy that becomes a crucial part of the vast, unfolding structure of In Search of Lost Time. The first volume of the work that established Proust as one of the finest voices of the modern age--satirical, skeptical, confiding, and endlessly varied in his response to the human condition--Swann's Way also stands on its own as a perfect rendering of a life in art, of the past recreated through memory.

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Marcel Proust, born on July 10th, 1871, in Paris, was a preeminent French novelist, critic, and essayist best known for his monumental novel “In Search of Lost Time” (originally called “Remembrance of Things Past”). Raised in a well-to-do, bourgeois family, Proust's privileged upbringing exposed him to art, literature, and high society from a young age. His unique upbringing became a primary influence for his complex and intricate narratives, bridging the gap between reality and art. Renowned for his detailed introspective writing, Proust brought an entirely new depth to literary exploration. His magnum opus, "In Search of Lost Time," is marked by its profound psychological insight and intricate memory-driven narrative technique. The seven-volume masterpiece explores themes of love, society, art, and the inexorable passage of time, which continues to fascinate readers around the globe and remains a seminal contribution to modern literature. Living a mostly reclusive life due to chronic ill health, Proust published his groundbreaking works up until his death on November 18, 1922. Unapologetically authentic and original, Marcel Proust redefined the contours of the twentieth-century novel and continues to exert a compelling influence on contemporary literature. His ability to perceptively dissect human nature in his narratives places him not only as one of the greatest literary figures of his time but of all time.


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