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The Sentinel

The Sentinel

(Book #25 in the Jack Reacher series)


Book Overview: The Sentinel

As always, Reacher has no particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there. One morning he ends up in a town near Pleasantville, Tennessee.

But there's nothing pleasant about the place.

In broad daylight Reacher spots a hapless soul walking into an ambush. "It was four against one" . . . so Reacher intervenes, with his own trademark brand of conflict resolution.

The man he saves is Rusty Rutherford, an unassuming IT manager, recently fired after a cyberattack locked up the town's data, records, information . . . and secrets. Rutherford wants to stay put, look innocent, and clear his name.

Reacher is intrigued. There's more to the story. The bad guys who jumped Rutherford are part of something serious and deadly, involving a conspiracy, a cover-up, and murder--all centered on a mousy little guy in a coffee-stained shirt who has no idea what he's up against.

Rule one: if you don't know the trouble you're in, keep Reacher by your side.

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Publication Date2021-04-272021-04-27
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"I loved The Sentinel! Classic Reacher, great story. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I do love the spare writing style, the descriptions, Reacher's responses to threats. Joyous stuff. I hope there will be many more Reachers to come." --Conn Iggulden

"It's great to be back in [Reacher's] company in a world where the bad guys get what's coming to them. . . . A smooth transition for a much-loved character." --The Observer

"As always, the bad guys--this time, Russian spies and American-Nazi thugs--discover too late that they are no match for Reacher. Despite the change in authors, the writing remains tight and the non-stop action is as propulsive as ever." --Associated Press

"As ever, [Reacher is] the sole, unrivalled champion of the average man." --Daily Mail

"Fresh, perfectly plotted, and packed with action, The Sentinel is one of the year's best, must-read thrillers." --The Real Book Spy

"It's terrific. . . . The story is just as powerful. . . . Brutal action mixes with keen-eyed detective work as Reacher metes out his own brand of justice. . . . If this novel is a harbinger of what's to come, then Jack is in good hands." --Booklist (starred review)

"Much of The Sentinel is humorous as Reacher patiently teaches bad guys about the flaws in their tactics. While there's lots of action, the novel also feels like a procedural as Reacher interviews suspects and delves deeper toward the truth. . . . [ The Sentinel has] one of the most inventive action sequences in recent memory. . . . It continues the series without any sense that there's now a coauthor. In a year of drastic change, fans will welcome the consistency." --Publishers Weekly

Andrew Child is a bestselling and critically acclaimed author, known notably for his contribution in the thrilling crime genre. Born and raised in the UK, Child's affinity for storytelling began at a young age, leading him to pursue a degree in English Literature, which only reinforced his passion for literature and helped him hone his writing skills. A scribe of seamless narratives, he excels in weaving tales that captivate readers with enticing mysteries and relentless suspense. Having worked in theatre and television, Child's wide experience in various forms of storytelling is evident in his works. His versatility in writing is underlined by his capacity to create vivid and compelling characters that challenge conventions and add dynamism to his novels. His most renowned work, the "Cooper and Fry" series, showcases his knack for plot twists and immersive storytelling, earning a devoted following among crime fiction enthusiasts. Apart from being a successful author, Child is known for his humility and dedication to the craft. His appreciation for literature extends beyond his own work as he avidly promotes reading and writing in his community and among aspiring writers. Despite having made an indelible mark in the literary world, Andrew Child continues to write, unveiling new dimensions of crime fiction, and leaving readers in eager anticipation of his next creation.
Lee Child, born as James Dover Grant on October 29, 1954, is a renowned British author best known for his gripping thriller series featuring the character Jack Reacher. Child's grasp on the thriller genre, engaging narrative style, and meticulously constructed suspense have placed him among the pantheon of esteemed international authors. Since debuting his writing career in 1997, Child has penned more than twenty novels, many of which have landed on the New York Times bestseller list and been translated into several languages. Despite being born in Coventry, England, Child's stories predominantly unfold in American settings. Prior to his writing career, he worked at Granada Television for sixteen years. In 1995, following corporate restructuring, he was laid off from his job. This turn of events prompted him to explore writing as a career, a decision that bore fruit as the first novel “Killing Floor”, released in 1997, quickly gained critical acclaim and won the Anthony Award for Best First Novel. Across his multifaceted career, Child's writing prowess has been decorated with several prestigious awards. Yet he stays grounded and continues to contribute outstanding works to the thriller genre. His authorship skills have not only expanded the landscape of thriller literature but have also been instrumental in shaping our understanding and appreciation of suspenseful storytelling.


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