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The Universe in a Nutshell

The Universe in a Nutshell


Book Overview: The Universe in a Nutshell

Stephen Hawking's phenomenal, multimillion-copy bestseller, A Brief History of Time, introduced the ideas of this brilliant theoretical physicist to readers all over the world.

Now, in a major publishing event, Hawking returns with a lavishly illustrated sequel that unravels the mysteries of the major breakthroughs that have occurred in the years since the release of his acclaimed first book.

The Universe in a Nutshell

- Quantum mechanics
- M-theory
- General relativity
- 11-dimensional supergravity
- 10-dimensional membranes
- Superstrings
- P-branes
- Black holes

One of the most influential thinkers of our time, Stephen Hawking is an intellectual icon, known not only for the adventurousness of his ideas but for the clarity and wit with which he expresses them. In this new book Hawking takes us to the cutting edge of theoretical physics, where truth is often stranger than fiction, to explain in laymen's terms the principles that control our universe.

Like many in the community of theoretical physicists, Professor Hawking is seeking to uncover the grail of science -- the elusive Theory of Everything that lies at the heart of the cosmos. In his accessible and often playful style, he guides us on his search to uncover the secrets of the universe -- from supergravity to supersymmetry, from quantum theory to M-theory, from holography to duality.

He takes us to the wild frontiers of science, where superstring theory and p-branes may hold the final clue to the puzzle. And he lets us behind the scenes of one of his most exciting intellectual adventures as he seeks "to combine Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and Richard Feynman's idea of multiple histories into one complete unified theory that will describe everything that happens in the universe."

With characteristic exuberance, Professor Hawking invites us to be fellow travelers on this extraordinary voyage through space-time. Copious four-color illustrations help clarify this journey into a surreal wonderland where particles, sheets, and strings move in eleven dimensions; where black holes evaporate and disappear, taking their secret with them; and where the original cosmic seed from which our own universe sprang was a tiny nut.

The Universe in a Nutshell is essential reading for all of us who want to understand the universe in which we live. Like its companion volume, A Brief History of Time, it conveys the excitement felt within the scientific community as the secrets of the cosmos reveal themselves.

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Publication Date2001
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Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author, was born on January 8, 1942, in Oxford, England. Recognized for his revolutionary work with black holes and relativity, Hawking held the position of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge for thirty years, a prestigious role once occupied by Sir Isaac Newton. Despite his early diagnosis of ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, at age 21, Hawking persevered, becoming a beacon of resilience and a voice of authority in the world of theoretical physics. Best known to the public for his fascinating exploration of the cosmos in his bestselling publication, "A Brief History of Time", Hawking made complex theories about space and time accessible to the everyday reader. His ability to articulate mind-bending scientific concepts in a digestible manner has endeared him to people across the globe. Other notable titles from his repertoire include "The Universe in a Nutshell" and "On the Shoulders of Giants." Hawking passed away on March 14, 2018, leaving behind a profound scientific legacy that continues to inspire and shape understanding. His groundbreaking contributions to theoretical physics, coupled with his dedication to making science accessible to everyone, make Hawking a cherished figure in human history. His life and work serve as a testimony to the limitless potential of the human mind.


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