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The Vaster Wilds

The Vaster Wilds


Book Overview: The Vaster Wilds


"Lauren Groff just reinvented the adventure novel."--Los Angeles Times

"Glorious...surroundings come alive in prose that lives and breathes upon the page." --Boston Globe

"I know of few other writers whose sentences are so beautiful and so propulsive." --New York Times Book Review

A taut and electrifying novel from celebrated bestselling author Lauren Groff, about one spirited girl alone in the wilderness, trying to survive

A servant girl escapes from a colonial settlement in the wilderness. She carries nothing with her but her wits, a few possessions, and the spark of god that burns hot within her. What she finds in this terra incognita is beyond the limits of her imagination and will bend her belief in everything that her own civilization has taught her.

Lauren Groff's new novel is at once a thrilling adventure story and a penetrating fable about trying to find a new way of living in a world succumbing to the churn of colonialism. The Vaster Wilds is a work of raw and prophetic power that tells the story of America in miniature, through one girl at a hinge point in history, to ask how--and if--we can adapt quickly enough to save ourselves.

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Lauren Groff is an acclaimed American author, celebrated for her skillful artistry in blending intricate human emotions into meaningful storytelling. Born on July 23, 1978, in Cooperstown, New York, she has an MFA degree in fiction from the University of Wisconsin. Groff is renowned for her nuanced narratives and compelling characters, with her works traversing across genres from historical fiction to magical realism. Groff has penned several bestsellers, including "Fates and Furies," a finalist for the National Book Award, and an Amazon 2015 Best Book of the Year. Her critically acclaimed collection of stories, "Florida," was awarded the prestigious Story Prize in 2018, showcasing her exceptional versatility and creativity. Her work often explores themes of love, relationships, and the nuances of human identity, presenting a vivid portrayal of humanity through her storytelling skills. Groff's contributions to contemporary literature have been recognized with numerous accolades, including the Paul Engle Prize from the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature. Her stories have appeared in esteemed publications like The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, and more. Through her profound narratives and evocative characters, Lauren Groff continues to inspire audiences, elevating the landscape of contemporary American literature.


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