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What Is ChatGPT Doing ... and Why Does It Work?

What Is ChatGPT Doing ... and Why Does It Work?


Book Overview: What Is ChatGPT Doing ... and Why Does It Work?

Nobody expected this--not even its creators: ChatGPT has burst onto the scene as an AI capable of writing at a convincingly human level. But how does it really work? What's going on inside its "AI mind"? In this short book, prominent scientist and computation pioneer Stephen Wolfram provides a readable and engaging explanation that draws on his decades-long unique experience at the frontiers of science and technology. Find out how the success of ChatGPT brings together the latest neural net technology with foundational questions about language and human thought posed by Aristotle more than two thousand years ago.

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PublisherWolfram Research, Inc.
Publication Date2023
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Stephen Wolfram is a renowned British-American scientist, programmer, and businessman. Born in London in August 1959, he displayed a prodigious aptitude for science and computing at a young age. He earned his doctorate in theoretical physics from Caltech at the age of 20. Wolfram pioneered complex systems research and cellular automata, authoring the influential science book "A New Kind of Science" in 2002. He’s the creator of the computational software Mathematica and the search engine Wolfram Alpha. Considered a thought leader in computation and artificial intelligence, Wolfram is the founder and CEO of the global technology company Wolfram Research.

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