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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Puffin Classics)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Puffin Classics)


Book Overview: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Puffin Classics)

They're Puffin Classics for a reason, it's because they're the best.

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole in this topsy turvy adventure!

On an ordinary summer's afternoon, Alice tumbles down a hole and an extraordinary adventure begins. In a strange world with even stranger characters, she meets a rabbit with a pocket watch, joins a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, and plays croquet with the Queen! Lost in this fantasy land, Alice finds herself growing more and more curious by the minute . . .

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Lewis Carroll, born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson on January 27, 1832, was a distinguished British author, mathematician, and photographer renowned for his contribution to the genre of literary nonsense. Best known for his world-famous works "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass," Carroll demonstrated an intricate hand at creating enthralling narratives entrenched in the recesses of imagination and logical paradoxes. A master of wordplay and symbolism, his fantastical oeuvre transcended the confines of children's literature, adorning the realm of popular culture with enduring legacy. Raised within a nurturing environment that fostered his innate creativity, Carroll also led a parallel career as a Mathematics Lecturer at Christ Church, Oxford. Throughout his life, his profound fascination with mathematical concepts and logical reasoning was notable, informing his distinctive style in literature. Like his stories, Carroll himself was a fascinating blend of a pragmatic logical mind and a fantasy-driven dreamer, illuminating the interplay between reality and imagination. Despite his death on January 14, 1898, Carroll's influence continues to be felt in various mediums ranging from literature and film to pop culture and philosophy centuries later – a testament to his timeless appeal. He left behind a rich tapestry of intricate puzzle-ridden novels, idyllic poetry, and mesmerizingly paradoxical short stories, offering readers a window into his extraordinary mind while forever changing the landscape of whimsical fiction. Lewis Carroll's life and body of work offer a compelling example of the transformative power of creativity, intellect, and imagination.


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