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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Hogwarts Library Book)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Hogwarts Library Book)


Book Overview: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Hogwarts Library Book)

A brand new edition of this essential companion to the Harry Potter stories, with a new foreword from J.K. Rowling (writing as Newt Scamander), and 6 new beasts!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt Scamander's classic compendium of magical creatures, has delighted generations of wizarding readers. Now, in this updated edition with a new foreword by Newt himself and the unveiling of six beasts little known outside the American wizarding community, Muggles too have the chance to discover where the Thunderbird lives, what the Puffskein eats, and why shiny objects should always be kept away from the Niffler. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Comic Relief and J.K. Rowling's international charity, Lumos, which will do magic beyond the powers of any wizard. If you feel that this is insufficient reason to part with your money, one can only hope that passing wizards feel more charitable if they see you being attacked by a Manticore.

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J. K. Rowling
J. K. Rowling is a renowned British author primarily known for her immensely popular "Harry Potter" series. Born Joanne Rowling on July 31, 1965, in Yate, England, her passion for storytelling started at a young age. After studying French and Classics at the University of Exeter, she worked in various roles, including spending time with Amnesty International in London. The concept of "Harry Potter" first came to her during a delayed train journey in 1990. After facing various personal challenges and rejections from publishers, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was published in 1997. The series, comprising seven books, has since been translated into multiple languages and has prompted movies, spin-offs, and a dedicated fan base globally. In addition to the "Harry Potter" series, Rowling has also written adult fiction such as "The Casual Vacancy" and the "Cormoran Strike" series under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Rowling's works, which have earned her numerous accolades, have also led to her significant philanthropic activities.
Newton "Newt" Scamander is a globally-renowned Magizoologist, author, and world traveler with a distinguished career spanning several decades and continents. A British citizen, Scamander's passion for magical creatures coupled with his meticulous cataloging skills have allowed him to author numerous groundbreaking editions of the book, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". This pivotal work, which has been translated into 15 languages and has endured multiple printings, is universally recognized as the standard guidebook for a field that Scamander has single-handedly revolutionized. Scamander's work has taken him to numerous exotic locations worldwide, expanding his knowledge and understanding of a myriad of magical creatures. Through these travels, he developed an unrivaled appreciation for the creatures that are often misunderstood or feared, and he used this empathetic viewpoint to alter the way magical folk interact with these incredible beings. Furthermore, Newt was instrumental in the establishment of the Werewolf Register in 1947 and wrote the Ban on Experimental Breeding, which is considered a cornerstone of current magical law. Despite his vast accomplishments, Scamander remains a humble, scholarly figure often preferring the company of his fantastic beasts to the limelight. His contributions to the fields of magizoology and magical legislation are unparalleled, making him a true pioneer and a beacon for emerging writers and researchers in these fields. His quiet, compelling victories in the realm of magical creature rights regulation and research continue to resonate, influencing generations into the twenty-first century.

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