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3 Days in Jackson Hole

3 Days in Jackson Hole


Book Overview: 3 Days in Jackson Hole

3 Days in Jackson Hole is a collection of photographs and stories from landscape and adventure photographer Matt Grandbois. Based on his trip to the Grand Tetons in the summer of 2022, this book walks us through the most exciting and terrifying moments of his short time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Readers are sure to feel Matt's strong connection with these natural landscapes and animals through high-quality pictures and words, leaving little open to the imagination.

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PublisherBig Woods MediaBig Woods Media
Publication DateOctober 26th, 2023October 26th, 2023
EditionVolume 01Volume 01
Dimensionsin x in x in
Weight lbs
Matt Grandbois
Matt was born near Boston, Massachusetts in 1998 to a family of three. Since his childhood, he's been fascinated with seeing the world with his own two eyes and frequently travels to new and exciting places with his camera and sense of wonder. He relocated to Colorado in 2019 and has since worked to establish himself as a professional photographer and web developer with a passion for songwriting and signing. When he's not working on something new, you will most likely find him hanging out with his friends and family who he has often said gives him a greater sense of purpose.


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