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Book Overview: Gothikana

The eternal romance of Beauty and the Beast meets the gothic suspense of Dracula in this erotic dark academia story of epic love from bestselling author RuNyx.

An unusual girl. An enigmatic man. An ancient castle. What could go wrong?

An outcast her entire life, Corvina Clemm is left adrift after losing her mother. When she receives the admission letter from the mysterious University of Verenmore, she accepts it as a sign from the universe. The last thing she expects though is an old, secluded castle on top of a mountain riddled with secrets, deceit, and death.

An enigma his entire life, Vad Deverell likes being a closed book but knowing exactly everything that happens in the university. A part-time professor working on his thesis, Vad has been around long enough to know the dangers the castle possesses. And he knows the moment his path crosses with Corvina, she's dangerous to everything that he is.

They shouldn't have caught each other's eye. They cannot be. But a chill-inducing century-old mystery forces them to collide. People have disappeared every five years over the past century, Corvina is getting clues to unraveling it all, and Vad needs to keep an eye on her.

And so begins a tale of the mysterious, the morbid, the macabre, and a deep love that blossoms in the unlikeliest of places.

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Publication Date2024-01-09
EditionFirst Edition
Dimensionsin x in x in
Weight lbs

"RuNyx immerses her readers in the dark worlds she builds and then injects life into them in the most hauntingly beautiful way. Her work is unique and addictive--she really is one of a kind." ―Hannah Grace New York Times bestselling author of Icebreaker

"Original, innovative, and unlike anything I've read before. This dark academia romance is pulsing with heat, darkness and mystery." ―LJ Shen, Wall Street Journal bestselling author

"This brazen, page-turning love story is a winner." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Intense... Gothikana will appeal to readers who like dark and steamy haunted-school tales." -- Booklist

"An erotic and dark love story." -- Entertainment Tonight

"Gothikana is a lush, evocative and unique gothic romance that utterly captivated me from the first beautiful penned word! A must-read for spooky season or any time you want to lose yourself in a world more magical than our own." --Giana Darling, USA Today bestseller

"This stunning, lush gothic romance left me totally spellbound. Easily one of my top reads of the year. RuNyx is one of the most talented storytellers in romance." --Ella James, USA Today bestseller

"I'm not even sure I can put into words just how poetic, how eerie, how beautiful it was. RuNyx is certainly an author who has honed her skills and she wields them like a sword when creating her breathtaking characters and worlds." --Dani Rene, USA Today bestseller

"Calling fans of dark academia! RuNyx takes gothic romance to a gonzo extreme in this seductive blend of mystery and forbidden love story set at an eerie elite university." --PW Picks
"Spine-tingling, atmospheric, sexy, and macabre, Gothikana is gothic romance and dark academia in its finest form." --Chatterbooks Book Blog

RuNyx is a renowned and highly respected author who has achieved widespread acclaim for her captivating stories and profound narrative style. A brilliant communicator, she has an unparalleled way with words, which allows her to create vivid, immersive worlds that captivate her readers and stay with them long after they've turned the final page. RuNyx is celebrated for her effortless storytelling and engaging plots, possessing a knack for bringing complex characters to life. In addition to her writing prowess, RuNyx brings a unique perspective to her writing due to her diverse background and extensive travels. Her experiences around the globe have fueled her stories, adding richness and dimension that are palpable in her works. Her ability to incorporate these aspects into her writing demonstrates not just her knack for storytelling, but also her deep understanding of the human experience, making her work connect deeply with a wide array of audiences. With several critically acclaimed titles to her name, RuNyx continues to enchant the literary world with her extensive portfolio. Her works offer a unique blend of empathy, insight, and invention, pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling. For those seeking thought-provoking, imaginative narratives filled with complex characters and enticing plots, RuNyx is truly a leading figure in the realm of literature.


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