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Haunting Adeline

Haunting Adeline

(Book #1 in the Haunting Adeline series)


Book Overview: Haunting Adeline

The Manipulator

I can manipulate the emotions of anyone who lets me.

I will make you hurt, make you cry, make you laugh and sigh.

But my words don't affect him. Especially not when I plead for him to leave.

He's always there, watching and waiting.

And I can never look away.

Not when I want him to come closer.

The Shadow

I didn't mean to fall in love.

But now that I have, I can't stay away.

I'm mesmerized by her smile, by her eyes, and the way she moves.

The way she undresses...

I'll keep watching and waiting. Until I can make her mine.

And once she is, I'll never let her go.

Not even when she begs me to.

While not required, it is highly suggested to read the novella, Satan's Affair, first.

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The internationally celebrated and USA Today bestselling author, H. D. Carlton, resides in Ohio alongside her partner, their two dogs, and a cat. She takes pleasure in the emotional responses elicited by her writing, enjoys paranormal shows, and fantasizes about being a mermaid. She favors characters with morally ambiguous personas and suggests that her readers abandon their sanity before delving into her narratives.

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