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Warriorborn: A Cinder Spires Novella

Warriorborn: A Cinder Spires Novella

(Book #1.5 in the Cinder Spires series)


Book Overview: Warriorborn: A Cinder Spires Novella

From the #1 New York Times-bestselling author of the Dresden Files comes an all-new, action-packed fantasy adventure set in the Cinder Spires universe.

Benedict Sorellin-Lancaster hasn't even broken in his lieutenant's insignia when he's summoned to meet with the Spirearch of Spire Albion himself for a very special-and very secret-purpose. The Spirearch needs Benedict to retrieve a bag he's "misplaced" on the Colony Spire known as Dependence, which has strangely cut off all contact with the outside world. It's a delicate mission at best, a potential bloodbath at worst.

To this end, the Spirearch has supplied Benedict with backup in the form of three Warriorborn. But unlike the courageous lieutenant, this trio has formerly used its special gifts for crime, carnage, and outright bloody murder. And all of them were caught and imprisoned because of Benedict. Now, if they behave-and make it back alive-they'll go free.

But when the odd squad reaches Dependence, they soon discover something waiting for them: a horrific weapon that could shatter the balance of power among the Spires. And Benedict will have to bring his own Warriorborn skills to bear if he, his team, and Spire Albion are to have any hope of survival . . .

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PublisherPodium Publishing
Publication Date2023
Dimensionsin x in x in
Weight lbs
Jim Butcher is a renowned American author of contemporary and high fantasy novels, with an adept flair for combining strong characters, challenging quests and unexpected comedy. Born on October 26, 1971 in Independence, Missouri, he has sold millions of copies of his books worldwide, gaining recognition as a New York Times best-selling author. He is often praised for his creative style which artfully introduces new concepts while keeping readers engaged with thrilling action scenes and unexpected plot twists. Butcher's writing career embarked with his highly sought-after urban fantasy series, 'The Dresden Files'. This series has received an overwhelming response from both critics and readers alike, successfully making a mark for Butcher in the literary world. Noteworthy for its gripping narrative and an immensely appealing protagonist, the series earned a place on the screens with the television show adaptation in 2007. His talent further displayed itself in his other popular series 'Codex Alera', a six-book saga characterized by a meticulously built world, combining elements of epic fantasy and political plots. Butcher’s repertoire, while dominated by fantasy, also displays his prowess in the realms of graphic novels, steampunk, and even role-playing games. In his continuous journey of unveiling hidden corners of imagination, Jim Butcher emerges as a versatile writer who embodies the heart and soul of modern genre fiction.


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