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Lost Kingdom: The Quest for Empire and the Making of the Russian Nation

Lost Kingdom: The Quest for Empire and the Making of the Russian Nation


Book Overview: Lost Kingdom: The Quest for Empire and the Making of the Russian Nation

From a preeminent scholar of Eastern Europe and the prizewinning author of Chernobyl, the essential history of Russian imperialism.

In 2014, Russia annexed the Crimea and attempted to seize a portion of Ukraine -- only the latest iteration of a centuries-long effort to expand Russian boundaries and create a pan-Russian nation. In Lost Kingdom, award-winning historian Serhii Plokhy argues that we can only understand the confluence of Russian imperialism and nationalism today by delving into the nation's history. Spanning over 500 years, from the end of the Mongol rule to the present day, Plokhy shows how leaders from Ivan the Terrible to Joseph Stalin to Vladimir Putin exploited existing forms of identity, warfare, and territorial expansion to achieve imperial supremacy.

An authoritative and masterful account of Russian nationalism, Lost Kingdom chronicles the story behind Russia's belligerent empire-building quest.

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PublisherBasic Books
Publication Date2017-10-10
EditionFirst Edition
Dimensionsin x in x in
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"Plokhy eloquently relates the historical ebbs and flows of Russian nationalism and imperialism... [his] thorough historical analysis places President Vladimir Putin's 21st-century foreign policy in a firm historical context."-- Publishers Weekly, starred review

"A timely work of impeccable research that elucidates the Russian impulse toward regaining lost lands under a powerful myth of origins.... Plokhy continues to show that he is the master of this terrain."-- Kirkus Reviews

"Lost Kingdom is an erudite exploration of the contradictions of Russian nationalism, whose history shows it to be both inclusive and exclusive, universalistic and identitarian, often in quick succession or even simultaneously. A master historian on top of his game, Serhii Plokhy lays out the challenges this past presents for transforming Russia into a better country for its people and its neighbors."
-- Odd Arne Westad, author of The Cold War: A World History

"The kind of magisterial history that only a seasoned historian with full command of his field can write... [a] masterful text."-- Russian Review

"Lucid and well-paced."-- Times Higher Education

"Engaging... Plokhy paints a rich and colorful picture of the historical events that influenced debates about Russia's conception of its geopolitical position."-- Michigan War Studies Review

"Learned, engaging, and timely, Lost Kingdom recounts in fascinating detail the story of the Russian nation across several tumultuous centuries, from its earliest days up to the regime of Vladimir Putin. Internationally acclaimed historian Serhii Plokhy knows his subject like few others, and he writes with aplomb and a keen eye for the ironies, contingencies, and tragedies of this history. A book that should be read by everyone seeking to understand Russia today."
-- Douglas Smith, author of Rasputin: Faith, Power, and the Twilight of the Romanovs

"[F]ascinating and constantly stimulating."-- Slavic Review

"In Lost Kingdom, Serhii Plokhy does for Russia what only great historians can do -- make the connections between the distant past and vital present feel relevant and alive. He brings Russia's centuries of struggle with nationalism and imperialism into the near focus of Vladimir Putin's ongoing invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. Lost Kingdom carefully and colorfully relates how the fires of history and myth burned from before the first tsars to Peter the Great, through the Bolsheviks, World War II, and the fall of the Soviet Union. With Russia everywhere in the news today, and every pundit pretending to be an expert, Lost Kingdom is essential reading for those wishing to understand Russia beyond the headlines."
-- Garry Kasparov, author of Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped

"That said, to Plokhy's enormous credit, he shows us these spirited contestations with ab-solute mastery. Though written with grace for a wide audience and spanning five centuries in just 350 pages, this is a subtle, precise, and deeply learned book."-- Willard Sunderland, Journal of Modern History

Serhii Plokhy
Serhii Plokhy is a renowned historian and author, distinguished globally for his extensive work on the history of Eastern Europe. Currently, he holds the Mykhailo Hrushevsky Professorship of Ukrainian History at Harvard University, boasting an impressive academic career. Born in Ukraine, Plokhy is notably regarded for his profound insights into the region's past, drawing from his personal background and professional expertise. Plokhy has an array of widely acclaimed publications to his name, covering a comprehensive span of historical subjects from the origins of the Slavic nations to the Cold War era. Prominent works include "The Last Empire: The Final Days of the Soviet Union," bestowed with the Lionel Gelber Prize, and "Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Catastrophe," which earned the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction. Plokhy's blend of captivating storytelling and meticulous research has not only won him numerous awards, but has also cemented his relevance in contemporary discussions on Eastern Europe's role in global history. His contribution to the understanding of the region's complex history positions him as an essential figure in history and literature. His works are not just an intriguing read for history enthusiasts, but also vital resources for academics and policy makers alike.

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