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Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine

Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine


Book Overview: Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine

Ukraine is gripped in a bloody crisis that has killed tens of thousands, displaced millions, and is transforming the world's energy policies and security architecture. As celebrated journalist Anna Reid shows in Borderland, this conflict is the latest of many. Ukraine has been a borderland, and a battlefield, for more than seven centuries, from the Mongol invasion of 1240 to the Maidan protests of 2014--and, of course, the devastating Russian invasion of 2022.

In this penetrating book, Reid combines research and her own experiences to chart Ukraine's tragic past and uncertain future. Talking to peasants and politicians, rabbis and racketeers, dissidents and paramilitaries, survivors of Stalin's famine and of Nazi labor camps, she reveals the layers of myth and propaganda that wrap this divided land. From the Polish churches of Lviv to the coal mines of the Donbass to the Tatar shantytowns of Crimea, the book explores Ukraine's struggle to build itself a national identity. Updated to include firsthand material from the 2022 Russia-Ukraine war, Borderland is essential reading for anyone looking to understand Ukraine and how its history is shaping its destiny.

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PublisherBasic Books
Publication Date2023-02-07
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Anna Reid is a celebrated author whose literary prowess encompasses multiple genres, from stirring historical chronicles to riveting works of fiction. Born and educated in the United States, Anna's work reflects her keen understanding of global cultures, historical events, and complex human emotions. With an excellent portfolio of bestsellers, she has etched an indelible mark in the literary realm, inspiring readers and fellow authors alike. Anna spent her youth immersed in literature, eventually obtaining a Bachelor's degree in English Literature before mastering the same from Stanford University. It was at Stanford she first began to ambitiously write, a passion that led to her debut novel which took the literary world by storm. Her writings pivot dramatically around themes of love, resilience, and the human spirit, a testament to her empathetic nature and profound intellect. In addition to her successful literature career, Anna is known for her contributions to various charitable causes. Balancing her successful career with such philanthropy encapsulates the rich complexity and compassionate nature of her character. Author, philanthropist, and a beacon of inspiration, Anna Reid continues to blaze a trail in the world of literature with her timeless and captivating storytelling.

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