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The Life and Times of William Henry Harrison

The Life and Times of William Henry Harrison


Book Overview: The Life and Times of William Henry Harrison

As US president, William Henry Harrison held many firsts. He was the oldest president to be sworn into office (until Reagan), the shortest-serving president and, unfortunately, the first president to die in office. President William Henry Harrison spent approximately 31 days in office, but there is more to him than his brief presidential tenure and you will find all of that in this book.

This book presents the detailed and authentic life and times of President William Henry Harrison. Beginning from his birth, covering his ancestry, his political actions and events, and his untimely death. Everything you will read is based on facts, with every detail checked for accuracy. Essentially, you are getting Harrison as he truly was.

If you are curious about America's shortest presidential tenure, and the impact it had on democracy, look no further. This book has all you need.

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