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James Madison: The American Presidents Series: The 4th President, 1809-1817

James Madison: The American Presidents Series: The 4th President, 1809-1817

(Book #4 in the American Presidents series)


Book Overview: James Madison: The American Presidents Series: The 4th President, 1809-1817

Renowned historian and social commentator Garry Wills takes a fresh look at the life of James Madison, from his rise to prominence in the colonies through his role in the creation of the Articles of Confederation and the first Constitutional Congress.

Madison oversaw the first foreign war under the constitution, and was forced to adjust some expectations he had formed while drafting that document. Not temperamentally suited to be a wartime President, Madison nonetheless confronted issues such as public morale, internal security, relations with Congress, and the independence of the military. Wills traces Madison's later life during which, like many recent Presidents, he enjoyed greater popularity than while in office.

A bestselling historian examines the life of a Founding Father.

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Garry Wills is an esteemed American author, historian, and critic, often regarded as one of the most prolific writers of his time. Having received a Ph.D. in Classics from Yale, his vast academic foundation subtly infuses his writing style, unearthing unique connections between past civilizations and modern society. He has penned over forty books, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Lincoln at Gettysburg" that interprets the iconic President's address in a groundbreaking light. Wills' incredible versatility churns out transcendent pieces ranging from history and politics to religion and literature, drawing readers around the globe. At the heart of his work lies the exploration of American institutions and characters, observing how the lessons from history can shape our perspectives and responses to present-day issues. His thought-provoking commentary in columns for The New York Review of Books further solidifies his reputation as a trusted voice. Wills has been conferred with numerous acknowledgments for his contributions to literature, history, and journalism. Besides his Pulitzer triumph, the National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism and the National Medal for the Humanities by President Obama are notable. Through his profound narratives, he has rigorously ignited intellectual discourse, cementing his status as a defining figure in American letters.

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