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William McKinley: The American Presidents Series: The 25th President, 1897-1901

William McKinley: The American Presidents Series: The 25th President, 1897-1901

(Book #25 in the American Presidents series)


Book Overview: William McKinley: The American Presidents Series: The 25th President, 1897-1901

A bestselling historian and political commentator reconsiders McKinley's overshadowed legacy.

By any serious measurement, bestselling historian Kevin Phillips argues, William McKinley was a major American president. It was during his administration that the United States made its diplomatic and military debut as a world power. McKinley was one of eight presidents who, either in the White House or on the battlefield, stood as principals in successful wars, and he was among the six or seven to take office in what became recognized as a major realignment of the U.S. party system.

Phillips, author of Wealth and Democracy and The Cousins' War, has long been fascinated with McKinley in the context of how the GOP began each of its cycles of power. He argues that McKinley's lackluster ratings have been sustained not by unjust biographers but by years of criticism about his personality, indirect methodologies, middle-class demeanor, and tactical inability to inspire the American public. In this powerful and persuasive biography, Phillips musters convincing evidence that McKinley's desire to heal, renew prosperity, and reunite the country qualify him for promotion into the ranks of the best chief executives.

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PublisherTimes Books
Publication Date2003-10-01
EditionFirst Edition
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Kevin Phillips is a prominent American author and critically acclaimed political analyst renowned for his deep insight into the intersections of history and politics. His work, illuminating the complex world of federal policies and political intricacies, shapes the nation’s understanding of American democracy. With a career spanning five decades, Phillips' intellectual prowess and passionate writing style have positioned him as an influential figure in the literary and political arenas. Beginning his career as a strategist for the Republican party in the 1960s, Phillips swiftly utilized this platform to voice his astute analysis. His breakout book, “The Emerging Republican Majority,” swiftly established him as a leading voice in political commentary. His later works, including "American Theocracy" and "Wealth and Democracy," demonstrate his keen ability to dissect forms of power and influence in the U.S, further bolstering his reputation. Recipients of numerous accolades for his thought-provoking insights, Kevin Phillips personifies the marriage of robust research and compelling writing. His contributions have swayed public discourse, establishing his legacy as a critical observer of the American political landscape.

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