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John F. Kennedy: The American Presidents Series: The 35th President, 1961-1963

John F. Kennedy: The American Presidents Series: The 35th President, 1961-1963

(Book #35 in the American Presidents series)


Book Overview: John F. Kennedy: The American Presidents Series: The 35th President, 1961-1963

The young president who brought vigor and glamour to the White House while he confronted cold war crises abroad and calls for social change at home: John F. Kennedy.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a new kind of president. He redefined how Americans came to see the nation's chief executive. He was forty-three when he was inaugurated in 1961--the youngest man ever elected to the office--and he personified what he called the New Frontier as the United States entered the 1960s.

But as Alan Brinkley shows in this incisive and lively assessment, the reality of Kennedy's achievements was much more complex than the legend. His brief presidency encountered significant failures--among them the Bay of Pigs fiasco, which cast its shadow on nearly every national-security decision that followed. But Kennedy also had successes, among them the Cuban Missile Crisis and his belated but powerful stand against segregation.

Kennedy seemed to live on a knife's edge, moving from one crisis to another--Cuba, Laos, Berlin, Vietnam, Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama. His controversial public life mirrored his hidden private life. He took risks that would seem reckless and even foolhardy when they emerged from secrecy years later.

Kennedy's life, and his violent and sudden death, reshaped our view of the presidency. Brinkley gives us a full picture of the man, his times, and his enduring legacy.

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PublisherTimes Books
Publication Date2012-05-08
EditionFirst Edition
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Alan Brinkley was a distinguished historian and educator whose scholarly work significantly influenced American history's interpretation in both academia and popular culture. His work primarily focused on American politics and culture in the early-mid 20th century. With a robust educational background that includes a Ph.D. from Harvard University, his expertise was sought after in teaching, authorship, and political analysis. Notably, Brinkley served as Allan Nevins Professor of History at Columbia University and was also appointed as their University Provost. His academic discourse not only cemented his authority in the realm of American history but also validated his stance on progressive politics and policy. He held integral roles in prestigious societies such as the National Humanities Center and American Historical Association. Brinkley authored several lauded books. Among them, "Voices of Protest: Huey Long, Father Coughlin and the Great Depression," won the 1983 National Book Award. His popular textbook, "American History: A Survey," has educated countless students and remains instrumental in shaping tertiary-level American history curricula. Alan Brinkley left an indelible mark on academia while challenging traditional perspectives on American history, making him an icon in his field.

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