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Astor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune

Astor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune


Book Overview: Astor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune

The number one New York Times bestselling authors of Vanderbilt return with another riveting history of a legendary American family, the Astors, and how they built and lavished their fortune.

The story of the Astors is a quintessentially American story--of ambition, invention, destruction, and reinvention.

From 1783, when German immigrant John Jacob Astor first arrived in the United States, until 2009, when Brooke Astor's son, Anthony Marshall, was convicted of defrauding his elderly mother, the Astor name occupied a unique place in American society.

The family fortune, first made by a beaver trapping business that grew into an empire, was then amplified by holdings in Manhattan real estate. Over the ensuing generations, Astors ruled Gilded Age New York society and inserted themselves into political and cultural life, but also suffered the most famous loss on the Titanic, one of many shocking and unexpected twists in the family's story.

In this unconventional, page-turning historical biography, featuring black-and-white and color photographs, #1 New York Times bestselling authors Anderson Cooper and Katherine Howe chronicle the lives of the Astors and explore what the Astor name has come to mean in America--offering a window onto the making of America itself.

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PublisherHarper Large PrintHarper
Publication Date2023-09-192023-09-19
EditionLarge type / Large print
Dimensionsin x in x in
Weight lbs
Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper, a name synonymous with impactful journalism, is an eminent American broadcaster, author and news anchor currently presiding over the CNN news show, "Anderson Cooper 360°." He was born on June 3, 1967, in New York City to socialite Gloria Vanderbilt and writer Wyatt Cooper, instilling in him an affinity for storytelling. A Yale graduate, Cooper kicked off his journalistic journey in the early 1990s with Channel One, propelling himself into a career that would see him become one of the most recognizable and respected figures in American journalism. Cooper’s long-standing dedication to in-depth reporting has taken him to dangerous and remote corners of the world. From covering wars and political turmoils to major national and global events such as the 9/11 attacks, the desperate conditions in Somalia, the Egyptian Revolution, and the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, Cooper has consistently delivered stories that are compelling, sensitive, and enlightening. A fearless journalist, he represents a rare breed of reporters who believe in going where the story is, often putting himself in perilous situations to provide firsthand reports. Furthermore, Anderson Cooper has extended his journalistic contributions to the literary world by authoring several bestselling books, such as "Dispatches from the Edge: A Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival," and "The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss," co-written with his late mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. A multiple Emmy Award winner, Cooper's career exemplifies an unparalleled commitment to truth, rendering an objective lens on the world's most pressing matters. His work continues to encourage the public to engage with global events and to remain discerning consumers of news.
Katherine Howe is an acclaimed American author, recognized for her unique ability to intertwine historical events with fascinating fiction. Born in Houston, Texas, Howe pursued her love for history and literature by earning degrees from Columbia and Boston Universities, before delving into the world of historical fiction writing. Her academic background, complemented by a rich family history that includes three accused witches from the infamous Salem Witch Trials, often provides the foundation for her highly engaging narratives. Howe made her breakthrough in the literary world with her debut novel "The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane," published in 2009. It seamlessly blended history, mystery, and romantic suspense, staying on the New York Times Best Sellers list for weeks. Such success has been mirrored in her subsequent works, such as "The House of Velvet and Glass" and "The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen," both also receiving critical acclaim for their immersive storytelling and meticulous historical detail. Beyond writing, Katherine Howe demonstrates a firm commitment to nurturing literary skills in others. She has taught writing and historical fiction courses at a variety of renowned institutions, including Yale University. Howe's grasp on both historical nuances and captivating plot development sets her work apart, placing her as a distinctive voice in the realm of contemporary historical fiction. Her novels are not only timeless pieces of literature but also a testament to the power of history in shaping our stories today.

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