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Gerald R. Ford: The American Presidents Series: The 38th President, 1974-1977

Gerald R. Ford: The American Presidents Series: The 38th President, 1974-1977

(Book #38 in the American Presidents series)


Book Overview: Gerald R. Ford: The American Presidents Series: The 38th President, 1974-1977

The accidental president whose innate decency and steady hand restored the presidency after its greatest crisis

When Gerald R. Ford entered the White House in August 1974, he inherited a presidency tarnished by the Watergate scandal, the economy was in a recession, the Vietnam War was drawing to a close, and he had taken office without having been elected. Most observers gave him little chance of success, especially after he pardoned Richard Nixon just a month into his presidency, an action that outraged many Americans, but which Ford thought was necessary to move the nation forward.

Many people today think of Ford as a man who stumbled a lot--clumsy on his feet and in politics--but acclaimed historian Douglas Brinkley shows him to be a man of independent thought and conscience, who never allowed party loyalty to prevail over his sense of right and wrong. As a young congressman, he stood up to the isolationists in the Republican leadership, promoting a vigorous role for America in the world. Later, as House minority leader and as president, he challenged the right wing of his party, refusing to bend to their vision of confrontation with the Communist world. And after the fall of Saigon, Ford also overruled his advisers by allowing Vietnamese refugees to enter the United States, arguing that to do so was the humane thing to do.

Brinkley draws on exclusive interviews with Ford and on previously unpublished documents (including a remarkable correspondence between Ford and Nixon stretching over four decades), fashioning a masterful reassessment of Gerald R. Ford's presidency and his underappreciated legacy to the nation.

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PublisherTimes Books
Publication Date2007-02-06
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Douglas Brinkley is a renowned American author and historian who has solidified his place in contemporary literature through his unique blend of scholarly insight and captivating storytelling. As a History Professor at Rice University and CNN's Presidential Historian, Brinkley's expertise has become invaluable in the realms of academia and journalism. Brinkley has authored numerous best-selling works predominantly focusing on U.S. presidential history, environmental history, and the American experience. Notable among his literary contributions is the biography of President Theodore Roosevelt, "The Wilderness Warrior", which has been hailed as a definitive exploration of Roosevelt's environmental legacy. Born in Atlanta, Brinkley earned his Ph.D. in U.S. Diplomatic History from Georgetown University. With his academic prowess, combined with his exceptional narrative skills, he has created a significant impact on American literature. His eloquent and detailed accounts have given readers an unparalleled understanding of several key moments and figures in American history, solidifying his reputation as a preeminent author and historian.

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