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James K. Polk: The American Presidents Series: The 11th President, 1845-1849

James K. Polk: The American Presidents Series: The 11th President, 1845-1849

(Book #11 in the American Presidents series)


Book Overview: James K. Polk: The American Presidents Series: The 11th President, 1845-1849

The story of a pivotal president who watched over our westward expansion and solidified the dream of Jacksonian democracy: James K. Polk.

James K. Polk was a shrewd and decisive commander in chief, the youngest president elected to guide the still-young nation, who served as Speaker of the House and governor of Tennessee before taking office in 1845. Considered a natural successor to Andrew Jackson, Young Hickory miraculously revived his floundering political career by riding a wave of public sentiment in favor of annexing the Republic of Texas to the Union.
Shortly after his inauguration, he settled the disputed Oregon boundary and by 1846 had declared war on Mexico in hopes of annexing California. The considerably smaller American army never lost a battle. At home, however, Polk suffered a political firestorm of antiwar attacks from many fronts. Despite his tremendous accomplishments, he left office an extremely unpopular man, on whom stress had taken such a physical toll that he died within three months of departing Washington. Fellow Tennessean John Seigenthaler traces the life of this president who, as Truman noted, said what he intended to do and did it.

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John Seigenthaler, renowned American journalist, editor, and author, has dynamically transformed the field of journalism with his innovative approach and relentless dedication. Born in 1927, he served as the editor of The Tennessean newspaper for nearly three decades. His principled stance, investigative skills, and a compassionate perspective on critical issues have empowered social justice across the US. Known nationally for his significant contributions, Seigenthaler stands as a paragon for journalistic integrity. His insightful coverage of the Civil Rights Movement, including the Freedom Rides, played a pivotal role in the huge socio-political shift of the 1960s. Additionally, in 1982, he founded the First Amendment Center aimed at creating public awareness about first amendment rights and freedom of speech. Seigenthaler's written work has been equally impactful. His best-seller 'James K. Polk: 1845 - 1849' remains an important study for scholars interested in American Presidents. As a testament to his exemplary career, Seigenthaler has received numerous accolades including ten honorary degrees. His profound impact on journalism continues to inspire aspiring journalists and authors.

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