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Theodore Roosevelt: The American Presidents Series: The 26th President, 1901-1909

Theodore Roosevelt: The American Presidents Series: The 26th President, 1901-1909

(Book #26 in the American Presidents series)


Book Overview: Theodore Roosevelt: The American Presidents Series: The 26th President, 1901-1909

The American century opened with the election of that quintessentially American adventurer, Theodore Roosevelt. Louis Auchincloss's warm and knowing biography introduces us to the man behind the many myths of Theodore Roosevelt. From his early involvement in the politics of New York City and then New York State, we trace his celebrated military career and finally his ascent to the national political stage. Caricatured through history as the bull moose, Roosevelt was in fact a man of extraordinary discipline whose refined and literate tastes actually helped spawn his fascination with the rough-and-ready worlds of war and wilderness.

Bringing all his novelist's skills to the task, Auchincloss briskly recounts the significant contributions of Roosevelt's career and administration. This biography is as thorough as it is readable, as clear-eyed as it is touching and personal.

An intimate portrait of the first president of the 20th century

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Louis Auchincloss was a highly esteemed American author known for his prolific body of work encompassing over sixty books. Born on September 27, 1917, in Lawrence, New York, Auchincloss emerged as a preeminent storyteller of the American upper class, providing incisive perspectives into their societal roles and personal relationships. His law degree from the University of Virginia Law School and a successful career as a Wall Street lawyer carved the subject matter for many of his widely celebrated novels. Renowned for his insightful exploration of characters from privileged backgrounds, Auchincloss achieved widespread acclaim with his books such as "The Rector of Justin" and "Portrait in Brownstone". His works are recognized for their elegant prose and nuanced characterization, offering a detailed portrait of the elite society, its traditions, and its ethical dilemmas. Louis Auchincloss, who continued to write until his demise in 2010, remains an enduring figure in American literature. His distinct narrative style and the insightful representation of a specific social milieu have secured his place as a significant commentator on the American upper class' morals and manners.

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