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Thomas Jefferson: The American Presidents Series: The 3rd President, 1801-1809

Thomas Jefferson: The American Presidents Series: The 3rd President, 1801-1809

(Book #3 in the American Presidents series)


Book Overview: Thomas Jefferson: The American Presidents Series: The 3rd President, 1801-1809

An illuminating analysis of the man whose name is synonymous with American democracy: Thomas Jefferson.

Few presidents have embodied the American spirit as fully as Thomas Jefferson. He was the originator of so many of the founding principles of American democracy. Politically, he shuffled off the centralized authority of the Federalists, working toward a more diffuse and minimalist leadership. He introduced the bills separating church and state and mandating free public education. He departed from the strict etiquette of his European counterparts, appearing at state dinners in casual attire and dispensing with hierarchical seating arrangements. Jefferson initiated the Lewis and Clark expedition and seized on the crucial moment when Napoleon decided to sell the Louisiana Territory, thus extending the national development. In this compelling examination, distinguished historian Joyce Appleby captures all of the richness of Jefferson's character and accomplishments.

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PublisherTimes Books
Publication Date2003-02-01
EditionFirst Edition
Dimensionsin x in x in
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"...UCLA historian Appleby ( Inheriting the Revolution: The First Generation of Americans) has succeeded in writing as good a brief study of this complex man as is imaginable. Another in a series on the American chief executives edited by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., her elegant book is a liberal's take on the complex, sphinxlike founder of American liberalism." — Publishers Weekly

Joyce Appleby was a renowned historian and author, specializing in American history during the 17th and 18th centuries. Born in 1929 in Omaha, Nebraska, she pursued her passion for history at Stanford University, where she received her Ph.D. in 1966. Her prolific research and writings soon earned her a reputation as an eminent scholar of her generation. Over the course of her career, Joyce Appleby was recognized for her scholarly assessment of American capitalism and Jeffersonian democracy. Her acclaimed works including "Inheriting the Revolution" and “The Relentless Revolution: A History of Capitalism.” Beyond her writing, she served as a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, shaping the minds of students for numerous years. Appleby was bestowed with numerous accolades for her contributions to historical scholarship. She became the first woman president of the Organization of American Historians and served as the president for the American Historical Association. Her work truly etched an unforgettable influence, making Joyce Appleby a paramount figure in American history scholarship.

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