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Andrew Johnson: A Biography

Andrew Johnson: A Biography


Book Overview: Andrew Johnson: A Biography

Politically shrewd but fatally unable to adapt to new political realities, Andrew Johnson presided, disastrously, over the tumultuous first years of Reconstruction. In this provocative account, Hans Trefousse gives us "a brilliant, compassionate portrait of a dynamic era of social change and national healing, and of the tragic failure of an American leader" (Library Journal).

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PublisherW. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date1997-12-17
Dimensionsin x in x in
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Hans L. Trefousse was a distinguished historian, author, and professor, predominantly recognized for his significant contributions to shaping the understanding of American history during the nineteenth-century and Reconstruction Era. Born in 1921 in Frankfurt, Germany, he observed the rise of Nazi Germany before immigrating to the US, an experience that greatly influenced his scholarly pursuits. Trefousse held a Doctorate in History from Columbia University. He served as a professor at Brooklyn College, City University of New York, for over 30 years, fostering the minds of many aspiring historians. His scholarship in American history was invaluable, his works offering fresh perspectives and nuanced understandings. Author of numerous books, Trefousse's key works include biographies of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson, significantly impacting how these historical figures are viewed today. His dedication to accurate, intensive research, and thought-provoking narratives have solidified his legacy as a celebrated historian and author. He passed away in 2010, leaving behind an invaluable contribution to the field of American history.

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