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Martin Van Buren and the American Political System

Martin Van Buren and the American Political System


Book Overview: Martin Van Buren and the American Political System

Donald Cole analyzes the political skills that brought Van Buren the nickname Little Magician," describing how he built the Albany Regency (which became a model for political party machines) and how he created the Democratic party of Andrew Jackson.

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PublisherEastern National
Publication Date2004-06-25
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Donald B. Cole was a highly acclaimed author and historian known for his expertise in nineteenth-century American history. Born in Rochester, New York, he earned degrees from Hobart College and Columbia University, leading to a prestigious career in academia. An expert on presidents such as Andrew Jackson and Grover Cleveland, Cole was a professor of history at Phillips Exeter Academy for over three decades. His outstanding works include 'The Presidency of Andrew Jackson' and 'Martin Van Buren and the American Political System', both of which garnered high praises for their meticulous research and engaging narratives, firmly establishing him as a respected authority in political history. Post his career in academics, Cole immersed himself in writing and historical study, perfectly meshing factual precision with engrossing storytelling. Through his comprehensive biographies, Donald B. Cole cemented his reputation as a skilled historian capable of bringing the politics of the past vividly to life.

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