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Brought Forth on This Continent: Abraham Lincoln and American Immigration

Brought Forth on This Continent: Abraham Lincoln and American Immigration


Book Overview: Brought Forth on This Continent: Abraham Lincoln and American Immigration

From acclaimed Abraham Lincoln historian Harold Holzer, a groundbreaking account of Lincoln's grappling with the politics of immigration against the backdrop of the Civil War.

In the three decades before the Civil War, some ten million foreign-born people settled in the United States, forever altering the nation's demographics, culture, and--perhaps most significantly--voting patterns. America's newest residents fueled the national economy, but they also wrought enormous changes in the political landscape and exposed an ugly, at times violent, vein of nativist bigotry.

Abraham Lincoln's rise ran parallel to this turmoil; even Lincoln himself did not always rise above it. Tensions over immigration would split and ultimately destroy Lincoln's Whig Party years before the Civil War. Yet the war made clear just how important immigrants were, and how interwoven they had become in American society.

Harold Holzer, winner of the Lincoln Prize, charts Lincoln's political career through the lens of immigration, from his role as a member of an increasingly nativist political party to his evolution into an immigration champion, a progression that would come at the same time as he refined his views on abolition and Black citizenship. As Holzer writes, "The Civil War could not have been won without Lincoln's leadership; but it could not have been fought without the immigrant soldiers who served and, by the tens of thousands, died that the 'nation might live.'" An utterly captivating and illuminating work, Brought Forth on This Continent assesses Lincoln's life and legacy in a wholly original way, unveiling remarkable similarities between the nineteenth century and the twenty-first.

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Publication Date2024-02-13
EditionFirst Edition
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Harold Holzer is one of the United States' foremost authorities on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era. Tampering his immense wealth of knowledge with eloquence, he has penned more than 50 books exploring diverse aspects of these complex figures and times. His prodigious contributions to history and literature have earned him the prestigious Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize, making him a titan in American historiographical discourse. Holzer’s scholarly career is further complemented by a distinguished tenure in public service. Working as the Senior Vice President for Public Affairs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, he instilled his understanding of the cultural past into shaping a relevant dialogue for the present. In both realms, Holzer's creativity, tenacity, and commitment to historical accuracy are widely recognized. His judicious blending of narrative verve and academic rigor has won him millions of readers who turn to his works for insights into America's 16th president and the Civil War era.

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