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The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson

The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson


Book Overview: The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson

This book argues that although Johnson's impeachment did not succeed in ousting him, it was a justified step. It describes the critical issues and events leading up to the impeachment and then discusses the trial itself: what the grounds were, what the different sides' motivations were and why the attempt failed.

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PublisherW. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date1999-09-17
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Michael Les Benedict is a distinguished American historian and professor emeritus specializing in the Civil War and Reconstruction era. He earned accolades for his impactful academic contributions to the Ohio State University's Department of History, where he served with distinction for over three decades. Recognized as an authority on constitutional history, Benedict's research has made significant strides in illuminating the societal and political complexities of post-civil war America. His seminal works include "The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson" and “A Compromise of Principle: Congressional Republicans and Reconstruction.” Benedict's scholarly discourse seamlessly melds historical depth with legal insight, making his books essential reading both within and outside academic circles. His contributions earned him the role as a former President of the Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. Possessing a Ph.D. from Rice University, Benedict has shown unparalleled dedication to teaching and mentoring. His ability to bring history to life has impacted countless students, inspiring a new generation of historians. A cherished educator and a respected author, Michael Les Benedict constitutes a lasting pillar in the field of American constitutional history.

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