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The Secret Six: The True Tale of the Men Who Conspired with John Brown

The Secret Six: The True Tale of the Men Who Conspired with John Brown


Book Overview: The Secret Six: The True Tale of the Men Who Conspired with John Brown

Most Americans know that John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia - a raid he believed would ignite a bloody slave revolution - was one of the events that sparked the Civil War. But very few know the story of how Brown was covertly aided by a circle of prosperous and privileged Northeasterners who supplied him with money and weapons, and, before the raid, even hid him in their homes while authorities sought Brown on a murder charge. These men called themselves the Secret Six.

The Secret Six included Thomas Wentworth Higginson, minister, author, and editor of the Atlantic Monthly; Samuel Howe, world-famous physician; Theodore Parker, the Unitarian minister whose rhetoric helped shape Lincoln's Gettysburg Address; Franklin Sanborn, an educator and close friend of Emerson and Thoreau; and the immensely wealthy Gerrit Smith and George Luther Stearns. The existence of the Six has been known to scholars, but there has never been a book devoted to them.

Now, drawing on archives from Boston to Kansas, Edward J. Renehan, Jr., has created a vivid portrait of this unlikely cabal, showing how six pillars of the establishment came to believe that armed conflict was necessary in order to purge the United States of a government-sanctioned evil, slavery. The messianic zealot Brown - also portrayed - streaked across their path like a meteor. Renehan traces how the Six became involved with Brown, and how their lives were forever changed by the events at Harpers Ferry and the war they helped to start.

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PublisherUniversity of South Carolina Press
Publication Date1997-03-01
Dimensionsin x in x in
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Edward J. Renehan Jr., an American author recognized for his remarkable work in historical and biographic novels, captivates audiences with his eloquent storytelling and attention to detail. He has written over 20 books, including noteworthy titles such as "The Secret of The Hardy Boys" and "The Life of Charles Stewart Mott". Renehan's works frequently provide fresh perspectives on American history, forging a unique narrative style that's both informative and engaging. In addition to his literary pursuits, Renehan has contributed to the financial and leadership sectors. He served as the Managing Director of the E.F Hutton & Company Inc., demonstrating his business acumen while nurturing his passion for writing. His dual interests in history, literature, and finance make him a truly well-rounded authority in his fields. Renehan's vast span of knowledge, together with his academic credentials from Dartmouth College, elevate his standing in the industry. His knack for bringing historical figures to life has seen him become a respected figure in the world of literature and beyond. For readers, Edward J. Renehan Jr. delivers an elegant synthesis of history and storytelling that continues to impress critics and audiences alike.

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