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Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The American Presidents Series: The 32nd President, 1933-1945

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The American Presidents Series: The 32nd President, 1933-1945

(Book #32 in the American Presidents series)


Book Overview: Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The American Presidents Series: The 32nd President, 1933-1945

A protean figure and a man of massive achievement, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only man to be elected to the presidency more than twice. In a ranking of chief executives, no more than three of his predecessors could truly be placed in contention with his standing, and of his successors, there are so far none.

In acute, stylish prose, Roy Jenkins tackles all of the nuances and intricacies of FDR's character. He was a skilled politician with astounding flexibility; he oversaw an incomparable mobilization of American industrial and military effort; and, all the while, he aroused great loyalty and dazzled those around him with his personal charm. Despite several setbacks and one apparent catastrophe, his life was buoyed by the influence of Eleanor, who was not only a wife but an adviser and one of the twentieth century's greatest political reformers.

Nearly complete before Jenkins's death in January 2003, this volume was finished by historian Richard Neustadt.

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PublisherTimes Books
Publication Date2003-11-04
EditionFirst Edition
Dimensionsin x in x in
Weight lbs

"Elegantly describing FDR's course through a score of personal and political ordeals, Jenkins astutely shows us the man in all his many incarnations: the confident son of privilege who morphed into a wry, young politico on the rise; the startled victim, for whom all things had previously come so easily, hitting the brick wall of polio and fighting back, strenuously leading his broken country out of its two great 20th-century crises: the Great Depression and World War II." - Publishers Weekly

Roy Jenkins was a renowned British politician and author best known for his high-profile leadership in the UK Labour Party and biographical works on celebrated figures from political history. Born in 1920 in South Wales, Jenkins graduated from Oxford University to pursue a vibrant career in politics, serving as Home Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer and co-founding the Social Democratic Party. Beyond his political career, Jenkins showcased his intellectual prowess as an adept writer. His extraordinary writing abilities were reflected in biographies like "Churchill: A Biography," and "Gladstone," which won the prestigious Whitbread Prize for Biography. His last biography, "Churchill," was widely praised for its depth, nuanced analysis, and considerable historical accuracy. Jenkins left an indelible legacy both in the political sphere and in the literary world before his death in 2003. His distinguished career spanned more than six decades, contributing significantly to British political discourse while penning insightful, respected biographical narratives. His work continues to resonate, testament to his remarkable influence on twentieth-century Britain.

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