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The Woman Who Watches Over the World: A Native Memoir

The Woman Who Watches Over the World: A Native Memoir


Book Overview: The Woman Who Watches Over the World: A Native Memoir

"I sat down to write a book about pain and ended up writing about love, says award-winning Chickasaw poet and novelist Linda Hogan. In this book, she recounts her difficult childhood as the daughter of an army sergeant, her love affair at age fifteen with an older man, the legacy of alcoholism, the troubled history of her adopted daughters, and her own physical struggles since a recent horse accident. She shows how historic and emotional pain are passed down through generations, blending personal history with stories of important Indian figures of the past such as Lozen, the woman who was the military strategist for Geronimo, and Ohiesha, the Santee Sioux medical doctor who witnessed the massacre at Wounded Knee. Ultimately, Hogan sees herself and her people whole again and gives an illuminating story of personal triumph. This wise and compassionate offering deserves to be widely read." — Publishers Weekly

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PublisherW. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date2002-05-17
Dimensionsin x in x in
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Linda Hogan, an internationally recognized public speaker and writer of both fiction and essays, has the esteemed reputation of being one of the most influential figures in Native American literature. Born on July 16, 1947, in Denver, Colorado, Hogan's Chickasaw ancestry prominently influences her writings. With undergraduate and Master’s degrees from the University of Colorado, her intellectual prowess is paralleled by her insatiable passion for indigenous culture, environmental issues, and the depiction of strong women in literature. A prolific author, Hogan’s best-known works include novels like "Mean Spirit", "Solar Storms", and poetry collections such as "The Book of Medicines" and "Seeing Through the Sun". These works have not only brought her critical acclaim but several awards as well, such as American Book Award, Colorado Book Award, and the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Spirit of the West Literary Achievement Award. Her voice presents a powerful perspective on environmental, feminist, and Native American issues, interwoven with personal narratives and historical facts. In addition to her outstanding literary work, Hogan served as the Writer-in-Residence for the Chickasaw Nation from 1999 to 2014 and is currently the Chickasaw Nation's tribal historian. Her contributions to indigenous literature and her encapsulation of Native American life and experiences through her writings have given a searing voice to a community often underrepresented in literature. She remains a crucial pillar in Native American storytelling, reminding the world of the power and significance of indigenous knowledge and tradition.

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