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Two Roads Home: Hitler, Stalin, and the Miraculous Survival of My Family

Two Roads Home: Hitler, Stalin, and the Miraculous Survival of My Family


Book Overview: Two Roads Home: Hitler, Stalin, and the Miraculous Survival of My Family

An epic and uplifting World War II family history of resistance that spans Europe, telling of two happy families uprooted by war, their incredible suffering under Hitler and Stalin, and the near-miraculous survival stories of the author's mother and father.

"Hair-raising... includes not just Hitler's depredations but Stalin's too--a double measure of evil."--The Wall Street Journal

"Moving and important."--Robert Harris, author of Act of Oblivion

In Two Roads Home beloved British journalist Daniel Finkelstein tells the extraordinary story of the years before his mother met his father--years of war and trials they barely survived.

Daniel Finkelstein's grandfather was a German Jewish intellectual leader who tolled an early warning of the impending Holocaust and became an archivist of Nazi crimes. He relocated his family to safety in Amsterdam, where they knew Anne Frank. But in those years safety was an illusion: Anne Frank famously went into hiding and Daniel's mother, Mirjam, also still a child, was sent to Bergen-Belsen with her mother and sisters.

Finkelstein's father, Ludwik, grew up in a prosperous Jewish family in Poland where his father, Dolu was a patriotic hero of the Great War. But when Stalin took control, Dolu, was deported to Siberia and Ludwik and his mother were sentenced to forced labor in Kazakhstan, starved and housed in a stable in freezing conditions.

Two Roads Home is a page-turning account of the narrow escapes, forged passports, ingenuity, bravery, and luck that allowed Mirjam and Ludwik to survive the war and find each other. Using their personal testimony, letters sent to Siberia, a diary written in Belsen, and years of historical research, Daniel Finkelstein tells what happened to two families, one the victim of the Nazis, the other of the Soviets. A tale of deliverance and triumph over evil, Two Roads Home will profoundly touch all who read it.

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PublisherRandom House Large PrintDoubleday
Publication DateOctober 24, 20232023-09-19
EditionLarge type / Large print1
Dimensionsin x in x in
Weight lbs
Author, journalist, and politician, Daniel Finkelstein holds exceptional gravitas in Britain's intellectual and administrative realm. Born and raised in London to politically exiled parents, Daniel's unique upbringing propelled him into the world of politics and journalism. Currently, he is the Associate Editor, Columnist, and Leader Writer for The Times, known for his insightful analysis and engaging writing style. Daniel Finkelstein carries a background in politics that lends authority to his articulate journalistic voice. He has served the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom in various capacities, including as the Director of the Conservative Research Department. In 2013, he was rewarded with a life peerage and introduced to the House of Lords as Baron Finkelstein, fortifying his political credentials. In addition to his career in journalism and politics, Daniel is a fan of football and serves as a board member for the Jewish Chronicle newspaper. As an author, he has contributed chapters to various books and published numerous powerful articles exploring the interplay of politics, culture, and society. His work is characterized by a rich balance between his profound understanding of political theory and contemporary global affairs, making him a prominent voice in British journalism and literature.

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