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Bewitched In Salem: Witch City or City of Peace?

Bewitched In Salem: Witch City or City of Peace?


Book Overview: Bewitched In Salem: Witch City or City of Peace?

From the attempted murder of his daughters to face-to-face conflicts with witches, Russ Ely has been on the front lines of the battle for the City of Salem. This gripping book reads more like a mystery novel than the true-to-life story it is.

Rev. Russ Ely is a pastor in the "Witch City"--Salem, Massachusetts. It is the only city in the United States that has an image of a witch on the sides of every police car and fire truck, and the only city with an "Official Witch". If you think that witches, witchcraft, spells and incantations are the stuff of children's stories; this book will open your eyes to an unseen world of conflict, power struggles and, yes, even demonic attack--all for control of a city.

Salem's heritage as the "City of Peace" or her harlotry as the city of witches--which one will win the very real battle for the heart and soul of her people? Read this book to find out!

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Russell Ely, a distinguished author, has continuously made an indelible imprint in the literary world with his stirring narratives and profound insights. His work, a unique blend of thought-provoking themes and perceptive storytelling, vividly exemplifies his mastery over the craft of writing. Ely’s work extends across various genres, mesmerizing the audience with his ability to seamlessly navigate from history to mystery, fiction to non-fiction, catering to an extensive range of readers. Born and bred in New York, Ely's fascination for literature was nurtured from an early age. He attended the University of Michigan, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and subsequently achieved a Master's degree in Creative Writing from Columbia University. His deep-rooted passion for history and storytelling has been the bedrock for his acclaimed novels, a testament to his academic background and innate talent. Regarded as an influential figure in the literary realm, Ely's contributions extend beyond just his books. Throughout his prolific career, he has been a mentor for budding writers and has devoted his time to numerous literary workshops and festivals. Unafraid to break boundaries and reinvent conventional storytelling norms, Russell Ely’s vision has left a distinguishing mark within literary circles and continues to inspire as well as impact audiences worldwide.

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