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Witch Child

Witch Child


Book Overview: Witch Child

"With its theme of religious intolerance and its touches of the supernatural, this is sure to be in high demand for a long time." -- Kirkus Reviews

Welcome to the world of young Mary Newbury, a world where simply being different can cost a person her life. Hidden until now in the pages of her diary, Mary's startling story begins in 1659, the year her beloved grandmother is hanged in the public square as a witch. Mary narrowly escapes a similar fate, only to face intolerance and new danger among the Puritans in the New World. How long can she hide her true identity? Will she ever find a place where her healing powers will not be feared?

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Celia Rees is a critically acclaimed British author with a knack for writing engrossing young adult novels. Her rich storytelling background spans over decades, establishing herself as a prominent voice in the literary world of historical fiction. Born and raised in England, she capitalized on her love for history and her education in History and Politics from Warwick University to produce a vast array of novels that beautifully blend history, fantasy, and reality. Rees's natural talent for writing became evident through her debut novel "Every Step You Take", which was well-received and set the tone for her successful writing career. However, it is her best-selling novel, "Witch Child," that earned her a spotlight on the global stage. The novel dubiously explores witch trials and migrations in the 17th century in a way that continues to captivate readers worldwide. Her robust portfolio includes many other recognized titles like "Pirates!" and "Sovay," both lauded for their compelling narratives and strong female characters. Beyond being an illustrious author, Celia Rees is a dedicated literature enthusiast, committed to shaping young minds through her captivating stories. Aside from writing, she spent over 17 years as a teacher, a role that deepened her understanding of the younger generation's psyche and influenced her writing style and plots, making her work universally appealing. Throughout her illustrious career, Rees has artfully used her pen to challenge convention, encourage exploration, and ignite a love for history in the hearts of young readers.

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