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Who Was Accused in the Salem Witch Trials?: Tituba: A Who HQ Graphic Novel

Who Was Accused in the Salem Witch Trials?: Tituba: A Who HQ Graphic Novel


Book Overview: Who Was Accused in the Salem Witch Trials?: Tituba: A Who HQ Graphic Novel

Discover the Salem witch trials through the eyes of Tituba, one of the first women to be accused of witchcraft, in this gripping graphic novel written by Oh My Gods! author Insha Fitzpatrick and illustrated by Nightmare in Savannah artist Rowan MacColl.

Presenting Who HQ Graphic Novels: an exciting new addition to the #1 New York Times Best-Selling Who Was? series!

Follow the terrifying events of the 1692 Salem witch trials from the perspective of Tituba, an enslaved woman who was accused of bewitching two girls, Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams, during this harrowing, historic period. A story of speculation, mass hysteria, and survival, this graphic novel invites readers to immerse themselves into this haunting moment in American history--brought to life by gripping narrative and vivid full-color illustrations that jump off the page.

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Insha Fitzpatrick is an exemplary wordsmith renowned for her unique flair in delivering enthralling narratives and engaging content. Born and nurtured in Brooklyn, she developed a deep passion for various literary genres from a young age, consistently leading her towards a path in journalism and writing. Insha not only holds a Bachelor's degree in Film Studies but is also an alumnus of Columbia University where she honed her writing skills and earned a Master's degree in Journalism. Fitzpatrick’s professional journey makes an impressive read. She has established herself as an authoritative voice for pop culture, film critique, and comic books, with her work published in notable platforms such as SYFY Fangrrls, Birth Movies Death, and The Mary Sue. Insha's dogged dedication to storytelling belies just a desire for career advancement; she strives to represent and amplify marginalized voices through her craft. Insha Fitzpatrick is more than a seasoned writer; she is a dedicated editor, epitomizing her commitment to literary excellence through her detail-oriented approach towards refining content. Her passion for mentoring and fostering budding writers echoes her deep-seated commitment to the growth of the literary community. Regardless of her numerous accolades, Insha maintains her humility and dedication, continuously contributing to the world of literature and journalism with invaluable insights and undying passion.
Who HQ is the renowned authoring collective responsible for educating millions of children about noteworthy individuals and significant events from history. Guided by an unwavering commitment to make learning engaging and accessible, Who HQ has established a robust reputation as a trusted source of information for eager young minds. Each publication from Who HQ strives to empower children to question, explore, and understand the world around them, fostering a lifelong love of learning. The group's iconic "Who Was," "What Was," and "Where Is" series, with their unmistakable black-and-white illustrations, are a testament to Who HQ's success in distilling complex historical figures and events into digestible narratives for a young audience. From presidents, pioneers, scientists, to monumental occasions like lunar landings or volcanic eruptions, Who HQ's works embolden readers to reflect on the past, comprehend the present, and imagine possibilities for the future. In the crowded landscape of children’s informational literature, Who HQ stands apart with its unique blend of meticulous research, engaging storytelling, and passion for enlightening young readers. Their distinctive approach to historical narratives has firmly ingrained them as the premier milepost on countless children’s educational journeys. The compelling biographies and guides created by Who HQ serve not only as educational tools but also as catalysts for conversations and discoveries that ignite curiosity in the leaders of tomorrow.


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