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Moscow, 1937

Moscow, 1937


Book Overview: Moscow, 1937

Moscow, 1937: the soviet metropolis at the zenith of Stalin's dictatorship. A society utterly wrecked by a hurricane of violence. In this compelling book, the renowned historian Karl Schlögel reconstructs with meticulous care the process through which, month by month, the terrorism of a state-of-emergency regime spiraled into the 'Great Terror' during which 1 1/2 million human beings lost their lives within a single year. He revisits the sites of show trials and executions and, by also consulting numerous sources from the time, he provides a masterful panorama of these key events in Russian history. He shows how, in the shadow of the reign of terror, the regime around Stalin also aimed to construct a new society. Based on countless documents, Schlögel's historical masterpiece vividly presents an age in which the boundaries separating the dream and the terror dissolve, and enables us to experience the fear that was felt by people subjected to totalitarian rule. This rich and absorbing account of the Soviet purges will be essential reading for all students of Russia and for any readers interested in one of the most dramatic and disturbing events of modern history.

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Publication Date2023-06-062012-08-27
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Karl Schlögel, a distinguished German historian, is recognized globally for his astounding contributions to European history. Born in 1948 in Germany, Schlögel graduated from Freie Universität Berlin, specializing in Eastern European and Russian history. His erudition extends beyond his native borders to encapsulate the world, particularly Russia, flawlessly integrating geography, sociology, and history. Schlögel's expansive and informative writings, primarily about Russian history, have been translated into multiple languages. Among his best-known works are "Moscow, 1937" and "In Space We Read Time," which dive deep into the historical contexts and vividly bring past events to life. His scholarship does not merely chronicle factual occurrences; it paints a landscape of people's lives, culture, and the times they lived in, enriching the perspectives of readers around the globe. An illustrious educator, Schlögel served as a professor at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) until his retirement in 2013; emphasizing cross-cultural interactions and the intricacies of historical transformation. A prolific author and respected academic, Karl Schlögel's significant impact on European history continues to inspire students and scholars alike.

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