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The Scar

The Scar

(Book #2 in the Bas-Lag series)


Book Overview: The Scar

A mythmaker of the highest order, China Miéville has emblazoned the fantasy novel with fresh language, startling images, and stunning originality. Set in the same sprawling world of Miéville's Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning novel, Perdido Street Station, this latest epic introduces a whole new cast of intriguing characters and dazzling creations.

Aboard a vast seafaring vessel, a band of prisoners and slaves, their bodies remade into grotesque biological oddities, is being transported to the fledgling colony of New Crobuzon. But the journey is not theirs alone. They are joined by a handful of travelers, each with a reason for fleeing the city. Among them is Bellis Coldwine, a renowned linguist whose services as an interpreter grant her passage--and escape from horrific punishment. For she is linked to Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin, the brilliant renegade scientist who has unwittingly unleashed a nightmare upon New Crobuzon.

For Bellis, the plan is clear: live among the new frontiersmen of the colony until it is safe to return home. But when the ship is besieged by pirates on the Swollen Ocean, the senior officers are summarily executed. The surviving passengers are brought to Armada, a city constructed from the hulls of pirated ships, a floating, landless mass ruled by the bizarre duality called the Lovers. On Armada, everyone is given work, and even Remades live as equals to humans, Cactae, and Cray. Yet no one may ever leave.

Lonely and embittered in her captivity, Bellis knows that to show dissent is a death sentence. Instead, she must furtively seek information about Armada's agenda. The answer lies in the dark, amorphous shapes that float undetected miles below the waters--terrifying entities with a singular, chilling mission. . . .

China Miéville is a writer for a new era--and The Scar is a luminous, brilliantly imagined novel that is nothing short of spectacular.

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PublisherDel Rey
Publication Date2002
Dimensionsin x in x in
Weight lbs
China Miéville is a renowned British author, best known for his works in fantasy fiction. Born in Norwich, England, in 1972, Miéville pursued both a bachelor's degree and PhD in International Relations from the University of London. He published his first novel, "King Rat", in 1998 which hinted at the distinct, imaginative style that would later become his signature. His breakthrough came with "Perdido Street Station", an unconventional fantasy released in 2000, setting the tone for the acclaimed Bas-Lag trilogy. Throughout his career, Miéville has been a beacon of genre innovation. His works blend elements of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, showcasing imaginative world-building and intricate plotlines. This unique style, termed the 'New Weird,' regularly serves up a thoughtful examination of social and political issues. Miéville's remarkable storytelling abilities have been acknowledged with multiple prestigious awards, including the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the British Fantasy Award. Beyond his contribution to literature, Miéville is also an active participant in British politics. He's been candid about his socialist beliefs and was a member of the International Socialist Organization. This political engagement frequently threads through his fiction and is a testament to his ability to interweave the personal with the universal, the real with the fantastic. With his rich, thought-provoking narratives and revolutionary approach to genre, China Miéville continues to leave an indelible mark on contemporary literature.


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