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Vipers and Virtuosos

Vipers and Virtuosos

(Book #2 in the Monsters & Muses series)


Book Overview: Vipers and Virtuosos


From the second I saw her, I knew she'd be my ruin.

Sitting all alone at the bar, she looked like an angel.

Eurydice in human form; her beauty eclipsed by demons.

Now, I'm one of them.

The ghost she's tried for years to escape.

Thinking I wouldn't be able to find her.

But I never stopped trying, and now that I have,

her past sins should be the least of her worries.


From the moment he saw me, I knew I'd ruin his life.

Alone at the bar, I dared the monster to come and play.

Orpheus in the flesh, with his sad songs and strange obsessions.

I became one of them.

The siren who calls to the darkest parts of him.

Only, I disappeared before he could act on it.

But now he's here,

and he wants me to repent for my sins.


*Vipers and Virtuosos is a full-length, standalone dark rockstar romance inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. It is NOT fantasy, historical, or a retelling. If you are not a dark romance reader, this book may not be suitable for you. Reader discretion is advised.

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PublisherSav R. Miller
Publication Date2021
Dimensionsin x in x in
Weight lbs
Sav R. Miller is a prolific author known for her gripping and emotionally charged novels. Born in the United States, Miller discovered her love for storytelling at a young age and turned her passion into a career. Her books, spanning genres such as romance, thriller, and suspense, appeal to a wide range of readers. Aside from novels, Miller also writes short stories and novellas that often feature layered characters, intriguing plot twists and highly relatable themes. As an author, Miller is praised for her unique narrative voice and skillful portrayal of human emotions. Despite her success, she remains committed to exploring new themes and trying different storytelling techniques.

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