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A Trial of Lace and Bone

A Trial of Lace and Bone

(Book #2 in the Of Chaos and Darkness series)


Book Overview: A Trial of Lace and Bone

Can there be peace without bloodshed?

Now in control of a court, Faye allows those without magic entry, offering protection and sanctuary from those who possess it.

But when her actions infuriate the old houses in Necromia, Faye is determined to rule without bloodshed and protect her people from the immortals who view the realm of Anaria as it has always been -the peasant lands.

As tensions build, the Court of Lace and Bone, led by a sadistic dark-blooded queen named Delilah, openly challenges Faye. Delilah targets her court, vowing to extinguish the source of Anaria's hope beneath the sole of her boot.

When Delilah's calculated strikes grow increasingly more vicious and personal, Faye will be forced to make a choice.

Become the thing she fears the most or lose her crown, her family, and herself.


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Kalista Neith is a renowned author known for her compelling novels in the realm of contemporary fiction and fantasy. Born and raised in London, Neith exhibited an irresistible attraction to literature and storytelling as a child. After receiving her bachelor's degree in English literature, she went on to gain her Master's in Creative Writing. She published her debut novel in the early 2000s, which was a breakthrough success. Since then, Neith has penned a multitude of best-selling novels, earning numerous awards and recognition for her profound storytelling. Her unique style, combining reality with elements of fantasy, continues to captivate readers from all over the globe. Besides being an author, Neith is also a passionate literacy advocate, dedicating her time to promoting reading and writing programs in schools and libraries.