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Invoking the Blood

Invoking the Blood

(Book #1 in the Of Chaos and Darkness series)


Book Overview: Invoking the Blood

Perfect for fans of romantic dark fantasy with spice who loved The Four Horsemen series, and the Black Jewels novels. Step into the realms Of Chaos and Darkness with Neith's debut novel Invoking the Blood. A spicy enemies-to-lovers in a dark fantasy setting with Hades x Persephone vibes and vampires.

What could happen in fifteen minutes?

Faye agreed to her sister's brilliant idea to sneak into the Hunter's Moon ball. A night the vampires in attendance held sacred, lusting under the eerie glow of the blood red moon. Faye was no vampire. She wasn't even a race that possessed magic. Her ceremony failed, marking her an Anarian. A mortal without magic.

After a run in with the Shadow Prince, Faye begins dreaming of him. His yearnful gaze leaves her feeling cherished after she wakes. A pleasant daydream, since men like him didn't exist. Not for women like her.

But as days pass and the dreams intensify, the Shadow Prince comes for her. His gaze filled with the same yearning he held for her during their shared dreams. Until he realizes she's an Anarian.

Abducted and confined in his home in Hell, Faye is left only with his promise to release her after he breaks the tie binding his life to hers. But with each heated exchange she can almost see the man that longed for her in her dreams.

The one who cherished her and tempted her heart.

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Kalista Neith is a renowned author known for her compelling novels in the realm of contemporary fiction and fantasy. Born and raised in London, Neith exhibited an irresistible attraction to literature and storytelling as a child. After receiving her bachelor's degree in English literature, she went on to gain her Master's in Creative Writing. She published her debut novel in the early 2000s, which was a breakthrough success. Since then, Neith has penned a multitude of best-selling novels, earning numerous awards and recognition for her profound storytelling. Her unique style, combining reality with elements of fantasy, continues to captivate readers from all over the globe. Besides being an author, Neith is also a passionate literacy advocate, dedicating her time to promoting reading and writing programs in schools and libraries.

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