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Anam Cara (Twenty-fifth Anniversary Edition): A Book of Celtic Wisdom

Anam Cara (Twenty-fifth Anniversary Edition): A Book of Celtic Wisdom


Book Overview: Anam Cara (Twenty-fifth Anniversary Edition): A Book of Celtic Wisdom

"In this twenty-fifth anniversary edition, you will find John a "soul friend" on your own journey through life, offering support and solace, clarity, and consciousness--expanding narratives that invite you to experience relationships with people, nature, and even your inner world in new ways that nurture well-being and resilience in these challenging times." --Daniel J. Siegel, MD, Neuropsychiatrist and New York Times Bestselling Author

A special twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the classic work of Celtic spirituality and mysticism by beloved poet and philosopher, John O'Donohue, with a new introduction by the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, an afterword by the late author's brother, Pat O'Donohue, and insightful material from O'Donohue's circle of close friends.

In this revered classic, John O'Donohue excavates themes of friendship, belonging, solitude, creativity and the imagination, among many others. Widely recognized for bringing Celtic spirituality into modern dialogue, his unique insights from the ancient world speak with urgency for our need to rediscover the thresholds of the soul.

With lyrical wisdom and fluency, O'Donohue encourages pathways of discovery to come home to the natural rhythm in ourselves in sacred connection with one another and the landscapes we inhabit. This timeless collection nourishes the heart and elevates the spirit. It is "a book to read and reread forever." (Irish Times)

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John O'Donohue was an influential Irish author best known for his profound insights on spirituality, philosophy, and Gaelic heritage. Born into a native Irish-speaking family in County Clare, Ireland in 1956, he utilized his ancestral knowledge of Celtic mysticism, weaving it into his writings and public speeches which transcended religious and cultural boundaries. O'Donohue studied philosophy and English literature, earning a Ph.D. in philosophical theology from the University of Tubingen in Germany. His academic prowess, combined with his deep spiritual understanding, culminated in his widely successful debut book, "Anam Cara". As an international best-seller, it broadened perspectives globally through its exploration of Celtic spiritual beliefs and practices. O'Donohue's rich body of work, encompassing poetry, philosophy, and spirituality, is celebrated for its depth, creativity, and universal appeal. Despite his passing in 2008, John O'Donohue's legacy remains a significant beacon in contemporary philosophical and spiritual thought, inspiring readers, thinkers, and seekers worldwide.


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