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Elevate: Self Awareness through Courage, Potential, and Fulfillment

Elevate: Self Awareness through Courage, Potential, and Fulfillment


Book Overview: Elevate: Self Awareness through Courage, Potential, and Fulfillment

Are you who you want to be?

  • We all want to be happy and successful.
  • We want to be emotionally fulfilled.
  • We want more money.
  • We want an incredible marriage and family.
  • We want to be accepting of the way we look.
  • We want security.
  • We want to know that there is more to life.

There are millions of people who tell themselves, "I want to change my life," but they lack the motivation and inspiration to make the necessary changes.

There is a way to have it all through this strategic step-by-step mental health success formula to be a better person and be happy while on the path to self-awareness.

  • This book is for the person who wants to be rich but doesn't want to have four divorces or a heart attack to get there.
  • It is for the person who wants a sexy marriage and phenomenal children, but is uncertain on where to start.

It's time to go after what you want.

ELEVATE will help you achieve Self Awareness through Courage, Potential, and Fulfillment.

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PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date2014-03-13
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Dr. Keppen Laszlo is a highly-acclaimed, internationally-recognized author and scholar, revered for his contribution to the field of psychology. A Harvard-educated psychologist, Dr. Laszlo has pioneered a variety of groundbreaking studies, blending elements of cognitive science with traditional psychoanalysis to create a unique and impactful approach to understanding human behavior. His extensive bibliography includes more than 50 works spanning across topics such as social cognition, personality development and psychoanalytic theory. Several of his books, including the best-selling "Minds in Motion", serve as standard texts in various prestigious universities worldwide. Over his illustrious career, Dr. Keppen Laszlo has been the recipient of numerous awards recognizing his significant contributions to psychological research. A true visionary and scholar, his writings continue to cultivate a deep understanding of the human psyche, shaping modern psychology in profound ways.


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