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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Signet Classics)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Signet Classics)


Book Overview: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Signet Classics)

Robert Louis Stevenson explores the very nature of man in this classic horror novel.

"Why did you wake me? I was dreaming a fine bogey tale."

Robert Louis Stevenson's masterpiece of the duality in man's nature sprang from the darkest recesses of his own unconscious--during a nightmare from which his wife awakened him, alerted by his screams.

More than a hundred years later, this tale of the mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll and the drug that unleashes his evil, inner persona--the loathsome, twisted Mr. Hyde--has lost none of its ability to shock. Its realistic narrative chillingly relates Jekyll's desperation as Hyde gains control of his soul--and gives voice to our own fears of the violence and evil within us.

Written before Freud's naming of the ego and the id, Stevenson's enduring classic demonstrates a remarkable understanding of the personality's inner conflicts--and remains the irresistibly terrifying stuff of our worst nightmares.

Includes the Famous Cornell Lecture on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Vladimir Nabokov

With an Introduction by Kelly Hurley
and an Afterword by Dan Chaon

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Robert Louis Stevenson was a preeminent nineteenth-century Scottish author recognized for his captivating adventure novels and imaginative tales that drew from his vivid life experiences. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1850, he grew up surrounded by an ancestry of lighthouse engineers; however, Stevenson defied family tradition to pursue a career in literature. He is cherished for his timeless contributions to the literary realm characterized by elements of suspense, irony, and deep philosophical insight. Stevenson's most notable works include "Treasure Island", "Kidnapped", and the enigmatic classic "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". Each novel showcased a unique narrative perspective that was considered advanced for its time. Besides novels, his portfolio includes an impressive repertoire of essays, short stories, and poetry, reflecting his exceptional finesse across multiple literary forms. Despite suffering from tuberculosis, his prolific output brought him literary fame during his life, setting a significant precedence for future explorations in literature. Stevenson's cross-genre explorations and his extraordinary storytelling gift made him an icon of English literature. His novel themes of duality of human nature, respect for cultural diversity, and the excitement of exploration continue to resonate with modern readers. Stevenson died in 1894 at his home in Samoa but not without leaving an indelible mark on the world of literature. His rich legacy continues to inspire and captivate countless readers, critics, and aspiring writers, securing his place as one of human history's notable literary figures.


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