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The Witches of New York

The Witches of New York


Book Overview: The Witches of New York

"A dark, atmospheric, and feminist story of three women in New York City's Gilded Age, each determined to thrive in a society hell-bent on keeping them down, and using their coven to do so." --Buzzfeed


Respectable Lady Seeks Dependable Shop Girl. Those averse to magic need not apply.

New York in the spring of 1880 is a place alive with wonder and curiosity. Determined to learn the truth about the world, its residents enthusiastically engage in both scientific experimentation and spiritualist pursuits. Séances are the entertainment of choice in exclusive social circles, and many enterprising women--some possessed of true intuitive powers, and some gifted with the art of performance--find work as mediums.

Enter Adelaide Thom and Eleanor St. Clair. At their humble teashop, Tea and Sympathy, they provide a place for whispered confessions, secret cures, and spiritual assignations for a select society of ladies, who speak the right words and ask the right questions. But the profile of Tea and Sympathy is about to change with the fortuitous arrival of Beatrice Dunn.

When seventeen-year-old Beatrice leaves the safety of her village to answer an ad that reads "Respectable Lady Seeks Dependable Shop Girl. Those averse to magic need not apply," she has little inclination of what the job will demand of her. Beatrice doesn't know it yet, but she is no ordinary small-town girl; she has great spiritual gifts--ones that will serve as her greatest asset and also place her in grave danger. Under the tutelage of Adelaide and Eleanor, Beatrice comes to harness many of her powers, but not even they can prepare her for the evils lurking in the darkest corners of the city or the courage it will take to face them.

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Ami McKay is a celebrated Canadian-American writer, known for her enchanting historical fiction novels deeply rooted in feminist history. Born on August 23rd, 1968 in Indiana, she honed her skills at The University of Kentucky, earning her Bachelor's degree in Music Education, and later, her master's in English Literature and Creative Writing at Mount Saint Vincent University in Canada. One can trace a fine line between her two seemingly disparate interests; music, often resonating in the subtext of her literary works, enhancing her storytelling, stirring profound emotions, and encapsulating her readers. McKay reached literary fame through her debut novel, "The Birth House," an international bestseller that was aired as a television mini-series in Canada. Her works, subsequently, have been recognized with numerous accolades including the Canadian Booksellers Association's Libris Award, and shortlisted for the prestigious Commonwealth Writers' Prize. Ami's vivid style of writing, characterized by richly detailed and meticulously researched narratives, reflects her commitment to giving a voice to those often unspoken in history. Today, Ami McKay continues to captivate audiences globally with her prolific writing that challenges gender norms and societal constructs. Beyond her fiction writing, she serves as a tutor, sharing her passion with budding authors, carries out historical research for her narratives, and partakes in local community theater and music, upholding her firm belief in the intertwining of arts. Her writing is indeed a mirror to her life - a euphony of art, history, and human emotion, all melded seamlessly together.


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