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Shake Hands with the Devil

Shake Hands with the Devil


Book Overview: Shake Hands with the Devil

For the first time in the United States comes the tragic and profoundly important story of the legendary Canadian general who "watched as the devil took control of paradise on earth and fed on the blood of the people we were supposed to protect."

When Romeo Dallaire was called on to serve as force commander of the UN Assistance Mission for Rwanda, he believed that his assignment was to help two warring parties achieve the peace they both wanted. Instead, he was exposed to the most barbarous and chaotic display of civil war and genocide in the past decade, observing in just one hundred days the killings of more than eight hundred thousand Rwandans. With only a few troops, his own ingenuity and courage to direct his efforts, Dallaire rescued thousands, but his call for more support from the world body fell on deaf ears. In Shake Hands with the Devil, General Dallaire recreates the awful history the world community chose to ignore. He also chronicles his own progression from confident Cold Warrior to devastated UN commander, and finally to retired general struggling painfully, and publicly, to overcome posttraumatic stress disorder -- the highest-ranking officer ever to share such experiences with readers.

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PublisherDa Capo Press
Publication Date2004-12-21
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Roméo Dallaire is a renowned Canadian author who is celebrated not only for his commanding narratives, but also for his triumphant struggle as a humanitarian and retired senator. Born on June 25, 1946, in Denekamp, Netherlands, Roméo led a distinguished military career in the Canadian Army and rose to the rank of Lieutenant General before diving into the world of literature. His life is as compelling as his stories, a testament to his courage and resilience in the face of adversity. General Dallaire's military experience, particularly as the Force Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide, profoundly shaped his writing career. His bestselling book, "Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda", is a raw and unflinching account of the genocide, articulating the horrors he witnessed. The book won numerous accolades, including the Governor General's Literary Award for Non-Fiction in 2004, and was later made into an Emmy Award-winning documentary. In addition to his career as an author, Dallaire has persistently fought for human rights, veterans' rights, and prevention of mass atrocities. As a senator, he lent his voice to the underprivileged, pioneering initiatives aimed at ameliorating the condition of child soldiers worldwide. Today, Roméo Dallaire remains an emblem of tenacity, embodying a compelling intermediary between the brutality of war and the power of humanitarian calling. His legacy doesn't only lie in his military career or his literary achievements, but fundamentally in his unyielding commitment to kindness and humanity.

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