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A Higher Call: An Incredible True Story of Combat and Chivalry in the War-Torn Skies of World War II

A Higher Call: An Incredible True Story of Combat and Chivalry in the War-Torn Skies of World War II


Book Overview: A Higher Call: An Incredible True Story of Combat and Chivalry in the War-Torn Skies of World War II

THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER: "Beautifully told."--CNN - "A remarkable story...worth retelling and celebrating."--USA Today - "Oh, it's a good one!"--Fox News

A "beautiful story of a brotherhood between enemies" emerges from the horrors of World War II in this New York Times bestseller by the author of Devotion, now a Major Motion Picture.

December, 1943 A badly damaged American bomber struggles to fly over wartime Germany. At the controls is twenty-one-year-old Second Lieutenant Charlie Brown. Half his crew lay wounded or dead on this, their first mission. Suddenly, a Messerschmitt fighter pulls up on the bomber's tail. The pilot is German ace Franz Stigler--and he can destroy the young American crew with the squeeze of a trigger...

What happened next would defy imagination and later be called "the most incredible encounter between enemies in World War II."

The U.S. 8th Air Force would later classify what happened between them as "top secret." It was an act that Franz could never mention for fear of facing a firing squad. It was the encounter that would haunt both Charlie and Franz for forty years until, as old men, they would search the world for each other, a last mission that could change their lives forever.

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PublisherDutton CaliberDutton Caliber
Publication Date2014-05-062012-12-19
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Adam Makos is a renowned American author, celebrated for his powerful storytelling in the realms of military history and biographies. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Makos developed a deep-rooted passion for history, which he turned into a successful career hence becoming an esteemed figure in the world of literature. His narrative non-fiction works are highly esteemed for offering readers a glance into the personal experiences of war heroes and notable figures, aiming to immortalize their stories of courage, honor, and sacrifice. Notably, Makos's writing career blossomed with his best-selling book "A Higher Call." The World War II epic transcends the battlefield lines through the compelling story between an American bomber pilot and a German fighter ace. This book, along with his subsequent works, solidified Makos's standing in the literary world as an author who skillfully intertwines humanity and history. His accolades expand beyond the New York Times Best Sellers list, earning him the reputation of being the youngest-ever historian to speak at the national Pritzker Military Library and Museum. Aside from his books, Makos formerly served as the editor of the military magazine, "Valor." His contributions went beyond words on paper, as he was instrumental in arranging over 300 reunions between former enemies, bringing together war veterans for much-awaited reconciliation. Today, Makos continues to bring history to life through his masterful storytelling, maintaining his dedication to preserving the legacy of those who have served their country.
Larry Alexander, widely acclaimed author, brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge acquired from a distinguished career in news reporting. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he pursued a bachelor's degree in Journalism from Temple University. A firm commitment to human interest stories and his candid approach to narrative have made him one of the most revered names in non-fiction literature. Mr. Alexander has contributed extensively to USA Today, where he honed his skills as a military reporter covering major global conflicts. These experiences greatly influenced his later works, including 'Biggest Brother: The Life of Major Dick Winters, The Man Who Led the Band of Brothers' which has been published in six languages. His deep understanding of human resilience and heroism in times of war underscores his storytelling, giving a rich and unsparing insight into the lives of veterans and their experiences. Over the years, Alexander's literary contributions have garnered him a reputation for his immersive writing style and impeccable attention to detail. His deft handling of intricate war histories and human emotions give his works a universal appeal, making him a sought-after author in the realms of non-fiction and historical literature. Respected by peers, critics, and a global audience, Larry Alexander continues to provide his readers with a poignant look into the past whilst enriching the world of literature.

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