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Sword Catcher

Sword Catcher


Book Overview: Sword Catcher

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - Two outcasts find themselves caught in a web of forbidden love, dangerous magic, and dark secrets that could change the world forever in the start of a riveting epic fantasy series from the author of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

"Everything I look for in fantasy."--George R. R. Martin

In the vibrant city-state of Castellane, the richest of nobles and the most debauched of criminals have one thing in common: the constant search for wealth, power, and the next hedonistic thrill.

Kel is an orphan, stolen from the life he knew to become the Sword Catcher--the body double of a royal heir, Prince Conor Aurelian. He has been raised alongside the prince, trained in every aspect of combat and statecraft. He and Conor are as close as brothers, but Kel knows that his destiny is to die for Conor. No other future is possible.

Lin Caster is one of the Ashkar, a small community whose members still possess magical abilities. By law, they must live behind walls within the city, but Lin, a physician, ventures out to tend to the sick and dying of Castellane. Despite her skills, she cannot heal her best friend without access to forbidden knowledge.

After a failed assassination attempt brings Lin and Kel together, they are drawn into the web of the mysterious Ragpicker King, the criminal ruler of Castellane's underworld. He offers them each what they want most; but as they descend into his world of intrigue and shadow, they discover a conspiracy of corruption that reaches from the darkest gutters of Castellane to the highest tower of its palaces. As long-kept secrets begin to unravel, they must ask themselves: Is knowledge worth the price of betrayal? Can forbidden love bring down a kingdom? And will their discoveries plunge their nation into war--and the world into chaos?

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PublisherDel Rey
Publication Date2023
Dimensionsin x in x in
Weight lbs

"Expert worldbuilding, swordplay, and politics, a colorful cast of characters, and a story that kept me reading from the first page to the last." --#1 New York Times bestselling author George R. R. Martin

"A gorgeously built world of decadence, betrayal, and grand adventure. From the decadent and drunken parties of the nobles, to the dens of crime lords in the Warren and Maze, to the Sault, where the devotees of a lost goddess are penned, the city of Castellane makes the perfect backdrop for a delightful cast of characters to befriend, betray, and romance one another. This is Cassandra Clare at her cleverest, twistiest and most heart-stopping--a triumph of a book." --Holly Black, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Night

"Clare plunges us into a thrilling world built with precision and brimming with enchantment. Her spellbinding cast of outlaws, healers, royals, and rogues will have you questioning your allegiances with every delicious turn of the plot. This is fantasy at its finest." --Leigh Bardugo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Hell Bent

"Sweeping yet intimate, rich with romance and intrigue, Sword Catcher is Cassandra Clare at her magical best. In pages packed with sumptuous descriptions, Clare gives us a kingdom's worth of characters--including Kel the 'sword catcher, ' trained to protect his prince at all costs, and Lin, a young physician of an outcast people--forced to navigate a web of tangled loyalties between the loved ones they cherish and the powers they serve. This book will break your heart and leave you wanting more!" --Helene Wecker, New York Times bestselling author of The Golem and the Jinni

"A sumptuous feast of a book, vivid and delicious and heady. Cassandra Clare's trademark skills are on full display here: epic worlds, wrenching romances, heart-slamming plot twists, Dickensian characters. I can't wait to visit Castellane again." --Kelly Link, bestselling author of White Cat, Black Dog

"A charming return to the big fat fantasy novels of happy memory, with a modern character-driven narrative. Vivid and clever." --Scott Lynch, bestselling author of the Gentleman Bastard sequence

Cassandra Clare, born as Judith Lewis in Tehran, Iran on the 27th of July, 1973, is globally recognized as a trailblazer in the contemporary Fantasy Fiction genre. With her best-selling "Shadowhunter Chronicles" often dominating the New York Times Best Sellers List, she has established an indelible reputation as an imaginative storyteller. Raised in a multiculturally rich environment due to her travels across Switzerland, England, and France, Clare's expansive worldview permeates through her narratives that transport readers into vibrant, mystical realms. Clare's literary journey began with her move to Los Angeles, during which she started publishing her novels on the internet, expanding her writing portfolio while simultaneously grasping the pulse of the digital readership. Her first book, "City of Bones," was a critical and commercial success, catapulting her into the literary limelight in 2007. With a burgeoning fanbase drawn to her well-defined characters and nuanced storylines, Clare continued to explore and expand the riveting universe she'd created with several spin-off series, including "The Infernal Devices," "The Dark Artifices," and "The Last Hours." Despite being shrouded in controversies, Clare's penchant for crafting complex plots, coupled with her ability to intertwine romance, action, and the supernatural, has secured her a solid foothold in the field of young adult fiction. Her contribution to the genre is not only celebrated by her dynamic readership but also recognized by various awards, including the American Library Association's Teen Top Ten Books and the Goodreads Choice Awards. With a natural flair for captivating narratives and an innate ability to empathize with her readers, Cassandra Clare has redefined the boundaries of fantasy fiction.


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